Studio & Facility Rentals

Room for Members to Create


The parking structure adjacent to The Orange Hub is closed for construction. A new parkade coming soon.

Alternative hourly paid parking is available nearby at:

While demolition and construction are underway, we recommend the following to everyone attending the facility:

  • 30-minute drop off zones, and accessible parking on the west side of 155 street
  • Use the alternate off-site parking
  • Use Edmonton Transit Service (Jasper Place Transit Centre: 157 Street and Stony Plain Road)
  • Car pool, use taxi or rideshare services, or cycle (bike racks are available at 156 and 155 streets)

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Please note that ongoing construction is also taking place along 156 Street south of Stony Plain Road for the Valley Line West LRT project. This will affect roads in the area.

The Orange Hub

Since 2019, FAVA has called The Orange Hub home. The Orange Hub is a great location for artists and arts organizations and has accessibility entrances, security, and collection points for artists. Our production office is located in Room 149, on the bottom floor of the building.

You don’t have to be a member. Everyone is welcome at FAVA! For prices, non-members will be charged the standard rates. Members receive artist rates for our Studios.

Conveniently located near local restaurants, nearby bus stations, and a future LRT line, The Orange Hub is a great place for all artists in our community.

10045-156 St NW
Edmonton, AB

Studio Rental Office Hours & General Information

Facilities Office

Tuesday-Friday: 10:00am – 6:00pm
Closed from 1:30pm – 2:30pm for lunch.
Closed Fridays, weekends and holidays – inquiries sent over email and/or phone will be responded to on the following open day.
FAVA Staff are not available or on-call on weekends and holidays

Rentable Hours

Monday-Friday: 7:00am – 11:30pm
Saturday: 8:00am – 9:30pm
Sunday & Holidays: 8:00am – 7:30pm

Orange Hub Building Hours

Monday-Friday: 7:00am – 9:00 pm
Saturday: 8:00am – 6:00pm
Sunday & Holidays: 8:00am – 6:00pm


Security is required on site. After-hours access can be coordinated if given a 1 week notice. After hours technical support is not available at this time.

Free Street Parking

Theatre Entrance at 155 Street (Please note this entrance does not offer accessibility access). Street parking on 155th street is limited.

Pay Parking – IMPARK*

155th Street and Stoney Plain Road
Monday-Friday (Day) $1/hr, $5/Max
Weeknights (Evenings 5pm) $2/Max
Weekends $1/hr, $2/Max

*This parking lot was set up due to the closure of the Orange Hub’s Parkade.

Studio Rental Information

Call or email us for availability and bookings:

If you need to contact the City of Edmonton for requests or information about The Orange Hub:

Studio A

Room 381: The Mezzo Sound Stage


FAVA’s largest studio, Studio A, is a grand space with a fully black interior that’s acoustically treated with insulation and curtains on the rear wall.

Flats are readily available to build your set while still offering enough room to work comfortably. Overhead lights provide the light you need for setup and teardown.

This acoustically treated space provides the power your production demands with 240v outlets (15a & 20a), and eleven 120v duplex outlets.

Location: 3rd Floor

Rates: Please email [email protected] to inquire.

Dimensions: 51’11” x 65’6” (2,958 sq. ft.), height = 22’ (floor to trusses)

Studio B

Room 136

Studio B is a large, wide studio with a cyclorama, currently split into two sections of white and green. 12 chairs, 2 tables, 1 ladder, Two 15′ AC Cable, and 3 Kino Celeb RGB lights in grid with DMX controller.

Location: 1st Floor


  • Member:
    • $23 per hour
    • $115 per day
    • $240 per week
    • $380 for two weeks
    • $780 per month
  • Commercial:
    • $60 per hour
    • $300 per day
    • $1,200 per week
    • $1.950 for two weeks
    • $3,900 per month

Dimensions: 60’ x 30’ (2,195 sq. ft.), height = 22’

Studios C & D

Room 194, 195


Studio C & D are mirrored versions of each other. Both are equipped with a white cyclorama at the front and a small green space at the back, which includes a beauty mirror. They are perfect spaces for photographers looking to do portrait sessions. The rooms can also host classes, meetings, and more.

Studio D can also serve as a small sound stage as it has a quieter ambiance than its sister studio. Individuals can use this space for more audio-sensitive projects such as installations and studio shooting. The room comes equipped with tables and chairs, additional needs such as projection equipment can also be arranged

Location: 1st Floor


  • Member:
    • $12 per hour
    • $60 per day
    • $240 per week
    • $390 for two weeks
    • $780 per month
  • Commercial:
    • $50 per hour
    • $250 per day
    • $1,000 per week
    • $1,650 for two weeks
    • $3,250 per month

Dimensions: 30’2.5” x 18’8” / Extended Corner: 11’6” x 9’1” (802 sq.ft.), Height: 22’


Room 101

FAVA is currently renovating our Mastering suite, and it is shaping up to be a very exciting space. It is not available to rent while being renovated.

Future features will include raised theatre seating, high quality projection, and full surround sound for previewing and mastering.

Rates: Please email [email protected] for info.

2,000 sq. ft.


Suite Room 147

Power by an M1 Ultra Mac Studio, this Edit Suite combines simplicity with quality. Featuring Genelec and Neumann monitors, 65 inches of 4k OLED playback, an ultrawide OLED display, and the most popular non-linear editing software (Premiere Pro and the creative cloud suite, Davinci Resolve Studio, and Final Cut Pro) this quaint workspace can keep up with whatever you throw at it.


  • Member: $10 per hour
  • Standard: $70 per hour

120 sq. ft.

Recording Studio

Suite Room 133

Consisting of a live room and control room, each room is sound treated for audio recording and mixing perfection. The control room is equipped with a 7.1 surround sound setup that can be toggled to stereo for most needs. It is well suited for monitoring your talent, mixing your short film, or mastering recordings taken elsewhere. All of the hardware you need is here to get going, and you can bring any special gear that you would like to compliment it! The Live room is great for performing, band practice, podcasts, or multimedia artists who are looking for a space to build and design their images or sounds. For an up-to-date list of equipment, please contact [email protected].

Location: 1st Floor

Amenities: i7 Mac Mini with DAWs (Audition, Logic Pro, Reaper), An assorted collection of microphones (KSM44A), Mic Stands, Seats and chairs, sound treated and dampened, creating a quiet space which is great for recording and mixing audio.


  • Member:
    • $15 per hour
    • $75 per day
    • $300 per week
    • $487.50 for two weeks
    • $975 per month
  • Standard:
    • $60 per hour
    • $300 per day
    • $1,200 per week
    • $1,950 for two weeks
    • $3,900 per month

Size: 78.96 square feet

Dark Room

Room 107

This is a one of a kind darkroom in Edmonton that has the ability to process film. The studio has a large ventilation system, sink temperature control, wide sinks, a Steenbeck, optical printer, and a light trap. It is also equipped with the equipment necessary to process film from 35mm stills to 8×10,   Super 8 to 16mm film.

This space is currently being serviced. A light trap door is being installed to offer both dark and lit areas to work at the same time.

Room includes:

All the assorted tools for you to develop your film (Note: Chemicals and film are not provided) including trays, buckets, Patterson tanks, thermometers, enlarger, and an optical printer.

Hourly Rates:

  • Member: $4 per hour
  • Standard: $12 per hour
  • 1 Day: 5 hours
  • 1 Week: 3.5 Days (17.5 hours)
  • Monthly: 2.5 Weeks (43.75 hours)

*This space is rentable while it is being serviced.

394 sq. ft.

Common Room

Room 149A

The common room is a flex space that can serve many purposes.

The kitchenette is great for eating lunch, or serving lunch for your crew. The tables are great for meeting and sharing ideas. The projector screen is great for instructional use or presentations.

This is a shared space available for use by members, staff, and anyone renting a studio. The space is also available for rent for exclusive use.

Location: 1st Floor

Room includes: Sink, dishwasher, Microwave, toaster, oven, two kettles, a fridge, two tables, whiteboard table, whiteboard, three couches, full kitchen utensils, and 30 chairs.

Hourly Rates

  • Member:
    • $12 per hour
    • $60 per day
    • $240 per week
    • $390 for two weeks
    • $780 per month
  • Commercial:
    • $48 per hour
    • $240 per day
    • $960 per week
    • $1,560 for two weeks
    • $3,120 per month