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2017 Artist in Residence – Visiting Artist

Requirements of Application: Artist Bio (100 words), Statement of Intent (750 words), Artist’s CV, Link(s) to previous work. Submit application here. Deadline to submit April 30th 11:59pm MST.

FAVA seeks an exciting, inspiring, and innovative media artist to come to Edmonton this summer!

The FAVA Visiting Artist Residency welcomes applications from artists in any stage of their practice, based anywhere in the world outside of Edmonton, who are producing film or video art.

The successful applicant will be required to be in Edmonton for the month of August, 2017. FAVA will provide CDN $5000.00 to the successful applicant, to cover the costs of travel, accommodation, subsistence, and materials. All arrangements for travel and accommodation are the responsibility of the visiting artist. The successful applicant will receive the payment in three instalments:

  • first payment upon signing of contract = CDN $2,500.00
  • second payment upon arrival in Edmonton – CDN $1,250.00
  • third payment upon completion of residency – CDN $1,250.00

The activity of the residency will be:

JULY 2017

  • Select one video for streaming on FAVATV, and write an accompanying artist statement blog post about the work. Selection can be a previous work by the Visiting Artist, or an existing film by another artist who has inspired you – the Visiting Artist must secure permission from rights holder to stream any work.


  • Reside in Edmonton for the month of August 2017.
  • Create a new work to be streamed on FAVA TV. This work can by any length, in any style or genre. The Visiting Artist will have free use of any gear in the FAVA Production Depot that is not booked out by other FAVA members, and free use of our Exhibition Suite and post-production facilities (edit suite, darkroom) as available. Project must be uploaded to FAVA TV by August 31, 2017, along with an accompanying artist statement blog post.
  • Present an artist talk at FAVA.
  • Run a workshop (three hours or longer) for FAVA members. Workshop must result in something tangible which can be exhibited at the FAVA Summer Party on August 25th (this can include samples from workshop participants’ work-in-progress).
  • Keep weekly scheduled office hours (three hours per week) to meet with FAVA members and provide artistic guidance or feedback as requested.

Submit application here. Deadline to submit April 30th 11:59pm MST.

Previous FAVA Visiting Artists have included Christina Battle and Matthew Rankin

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2017/2018 Artist in Residence – Community Artist

Application Requirements: Artist Bio (100 words), Statement of Intent (750 words), Artist CV, Link(s) to previous work. Submit application here.

FAVA seeks exciting, inspiring, and innovative media artists from the Greater Edmonton Area for our new Artist in Residence series!

The FAVA Community Artist Residency welcomes applications from artists in any stage of their practice who are producing film or video art.

There are four residencies available; each residency is two months long. FAVA will provide CDN $1500.00 to each successful applicant, to cover materials and necessary expenses for their project. The Community Artist will receive the payment in three instalments:

  • first payment on the first day of residency (upon signing of contract) – CDN $500.00
  • second payment upon receipt of first deliverable (curated video & blog post) – CDN $500.00
  • third payment upon receipt of second deliverable (original new work for streaming on FAVA TV – CDN $500

The activity of the residency will be:

First Month

  • Select one video for streaming on FAVA TV, and write an an accompanying artist statement blog post about the work. Selection can be a previous work by the artist, or an existing film by another artist who has inspired you – you must secure permission from rights holder to stream any work.

Second Month

  • Create a new work to be streamed on FAVA TV. This work can be any length, in any style or genre. The Community Artist will have free use of any gear in the FAVA Production Depot that is not booked out by other FAVA members, and free use of our Exhibition Suite and post-production facilities (edit suite, darkroom) as available. Project must be uploaded to FAVA TV by the last day of residency at 11:59pm GMT, along with an accompanying artist statement blog post.
  • Present an artist talk at FAVA

Submit application here.

Deadline to submit for September/October residency is July 24th 11:59PM MST
Deadline to submit for November/December residency is September 18th 11:59PM MST
Deadline to submit for January/February 2018 residency is November 20th 11:59PM MST

Previous FAVA Community Artists have included Kyle Armstrong & Bali Panesar.

Current Residencies

Previous Residencies

Geraldine Carr

Community Artist – January /  February 2018

Geraldine Carr (Voila! / Maud Mary & the Titanic / Dance of the Kaleidoscope) has a passion for story, cinema and the creative process. In 2015, Geraldine screened Maud Mary & the Titanic in Turkey at the 18th Flying Broom International Women’s Film Festival. In 2016 she attended the Women in the Directors Chair Career Advancement Module in Toronto, and was a director participant in the 2010 Women in the Directors Chair intensive. A graduate of the Film Production Program at Confederation College, Geraldine remains committed to her craft and is in possession of a keenly creative mind and spirit.

Artist Talk
June 4 | 7PM
FAVA’s Exhibition Suite
Admission by donation

During my artist talk as the FAVA Community Artist-in-Residence (Jan./Feb. 2018), I will discuss my short experimental film Aurora which involves the kaleidoscopic image. I will share my influences, goals and journey creating this film, most predominantly my goal of working with three different film formats: S8, S16 and 35 film which was then digitized. I directed and edited the piece, and my creative team includes aAron munson (cinematographer) and Paul Morgan Donald (composer & sound design). The final result? A colourful, transportive, meditative, and mesmerizing piece. Aurora is an extension of my fascination with the kaleidoscopic image, and it is a precursor to a larger project I’ve been developing for the last few years – a video installation.

Demmi Dupri

Community Artist – November /  December 2017

Demmi Dupri is a stop-motion film artist who uses an eclectic range of mediums and materials to create vivid, colourful, surreal worlds. Demmi uses repurposed and unconventional materials to show that ordinary objects can have magical lives too. She has a uniquely personal and hands on approach to her creative process and uses her background in puppetry and improvisation to bring dreams to life.

Watch for more including Demmi’s blog posts on FAVA TV and info about her artist talk in upcoming e-bulletins.

Artist Talk
Jan 11 | 7pm
FAVA’s Exhibition Suite
Admission by donation

During my artist talk I will discuss in practical terms how I was able to bring my story, the stop-motion animation piece done in my residency with FAVA titled THE CALLING, to life unfiltered from the fantastic scope of my storyboards using affordable recycle-scavenged craftiness. Embracing the charm of handcrafted analogue storytelling by utilizing easily accessible refuse materials and some paint, one can build worlds and invent perspectives without limits. I will share my experience with this project, including the creation of its soundtrack, as well as discuss how my background in puppetry, clown and theatre influences my work.

The Calling
Demmi Dupri

Sir Reginald the Third Esquire Presents: A Knights Tail
Demmi Dupri

Natalie Jachyra

Community Artist – September /  October 2017

Natalie Jachyra is an emerging artist from Toronto, Canada. Natalie holds a Master’s of Fine Art from the University of Alberta where she presented a body of work titled ‘the companionship of isolation’. She works predominantly in video, audio, and installation and is primarily interested in the ways we experience urban space and the encounters within them. Natalie has participated in various group exhibitions in Canada and abroad.

Artist Talk
Nov 15 | 7pm
FAVA’s Exhibition Suite
Admission by donation

During this Artist Talk, I will be taking the audience on a journey through my artistic process and methodology, personal influences, and the theoretical research that has informed this project. Inspired by personal experiences in urban space, the research produced focuses on embodied spaces, female phenomenology, and gendered spaces. The work created for this residency is beginning to explore a physical response to space through a subjective, female lens.  Using multiple wearable video-recording devices, I am attempting to document the experience of interacting in this particular urban environment. 

the other
Natalie Jachyra

situation of the lived body
Natalie Jachyra

Joe Peeler

Visiting Artist – July/August 2017

JOE PEELER edited Lucy Walker’s ACADEMY AWARD shortlisted HBO DOCUMENTARY short, THE LION’S MOUTH OPENS. He’s currently producing and editing the animated pilot GIANT SLOTH, starring PAUL GIAMATTI, as well as editing an untitled new NETFLIX documentary series. Joe edited the 2016 SXSW premiere short documentary THE BLACK BELT, directed by Margaret Brown. In 2015 Joe directed and edited the VIMEO STAFF PICKED narrative short, GOOSES. He “apprentice” edited on THE CRASH REEL, which won the 2014 EMMY for Outstanding Informational Programming-long form. VARIETY praised Joe’s work as “brilliantly edited” and “almost unwatchably brutal.” He’ll take that as a compliment.


“BUFF AS F***.” The film’s logline is as ridiculous as it is ominously prescient: “17 Years into the Trump presidency, the Administration finally turns its attention to the many women’s issues facing the nation. The best course of action: turn all women into men. Fugitive documentarian Eunice Brown is the last woman in America, but Trump’s Man-Makers are closing in.” 

In the film, Eunice is frantically editing what may be her final documentary, an exposé on the Trump Administration’s plans to not only turn all women into men, but to eliminate all traces of women from American history. Joe will use the FAVA residency to complete Eunice’s film-within-a-film, a 5-minute mockumentary about the process of “buffing”, the term the Administration uses for replacing important women throughout history with muscular, idiotic men. 

Joe’s Office Hours

Want to find some time to have a chat one-on-one with Joe? As a part of his residency, Joe will have office hours on Fridays from 2 to 5pm. Appointments are encouraged. You can get in touch to set up an appointment by emailing

Artist Talk
Aug 3 | 7pm
FAVA’s Exhibition Suite

As an introduction to my work as a filmmaker, I will lead FAVA members through a chronological “Greatest Hits” of films that have inspired me over the decades as well as films that I have produced. My work as a documentarian is informed by my avid interest in literature and fiction filmmaking, while my aesthetic choices are often influenced by video art, comic books and music. I will use my Artist Talk to connect these disparate influences to illuminate the personal and artistic meaning behind much of my work.

Editing Workshop with Joe Peeler
Aug 19 | 10am – 5pm
FAVA’s Exhibition Suite
Free | Call 780-429-1671 to register

I plan to use my expertise as an editor to lead a unique and instructive workshop for FAVA members. Using raw footage from a short narrative film which I edited, I will walk FAVA members through the process of editing a scene between actors Margaret Qualley (co-star of HBO’s “The Leftovers”) and Saul Rubinek (known for his work in such films as “True Romance” and “Nixon”). I will supply members with the raw takes of the scene, then allow them time to select their favorite takes and edit the scene on their own. 

Upon completion, I will show FAVA members my final version of the edited scene, break down how and when each take was used and lead an open discussion about the creative and technical challenges presented by the footage. This workshop will give FAVA members a valuable look in to the creative process of editing narrative film and provide a tangible outcome of their labor: an edited scene which they can then compare to my version.

This workshop is open to beginner, intermediate and advanced editors. However, basics will not be taught in this class, so beginners will have the opportunity to observe and learn concepts but will not have hands on practise.

The Black Belt
Directed by Margaret Brown
Edited by Joe Peeler

WELCOME TO FARGO | A FX Original Short Documentary
Produced by Films From The Range
Edited by Joe Peeler

Mule Days
Directed, Produced & Edited by Joe Peeler

Bali Panesar

Community- May/June 2017

At an early age Bali began exploring a deep kinship to his ancestral heritage. His family were carpenters and blacksmiths from India who settled in East Africa. Their philosophy of culture and art as a way to connect with one’s sources and offer it to the community is something Panesar has carried through his own work. His collection of shorts include ‘Dreamers, Daemonen and Doubles’, ‘The Meeting’, ‘The Calling’, ‘Salutations to the Spirits’ (Gotta Minute Festival), and ‘Enter the dream’ (nominated for a Rosie 2015). He is currently working on two documentaries; the first ‘Meetings Within the Tree of Sound’ is his focus during his FAVA 2017 residency.

Artist Talk: Bali Panesar
Wednesday, July 26, 7pm

Exhibition Suite

Join FAVA’s Community Artist-in-Residence Bali Panesar for an artist talk as he shares an overall picture of his work, and talks about what he’s been up to in his residency.

Enter “the dream”
Directed by Bali Panesar

Kyle Armstrong

Community Artist – March/April 2017

Kyle Armstrong makes films in Edmonton which have screened at galleries and festivals around the globe. He’s currently in post production on his first feature film Until First Light, an existential farming film.

Kyle collaborated with musician Bradley J. Sime during his residency to create

Something for Nothing
A circular story of creation as told, or not told, in song.


I Close My Eyes
Directed by Kyle Armstrong

Magnetic Reconnection
Directed by Kyle Armstrong

A collaboration between Sound artist Mark Templeton and filmmaker Kyle Armstrong

Matthew Rankin

Summer 2014

Matthew Rankin was born in Winnipeg. He studied Québec history at McGill and Université Laval before entering the cinematic vocation. He is a three-time alumnus of the Sundance Film Festival, a two-time Jutra loser, and one of his films was briefly banned in his native Manitoba. In 2014, Matthew received the National Media Arts Prize for his body of independent work and, in 2015, he was awarded the crystal for experimental animation at the Annecy International Animation Festival in France. He has been Artist in Residence at the MacDowell Colony, the Corporation of Yaddo, the Film and Video Arts Society of Alberta, the Klondike Institute of Art and Culture and, in 2016, the Québec Artist Studio in London.

Here are some links to clips of Matthew’s work: Cattle Call Negativipeg Tabula Rasa You can visit his website here

… on the basis of the work I did at FAVA, Tesla Love Synapse is now going to be transmogrified into a full-fledged animated short produced through NFB Montréal for 2016. So my time in Edmonton was a really career-altering period of work for me!


Matthew Rankin

FAVA Artist in Residence 2014

Christina Battle

Summer 2012

Working with film, video and installation, Christina’s works explore themes of history and counter-memory, political mythology and environmental catastrophe. In this informal presentation she will present a talk & screening introducing FAVA members to her recent work.

Originally from Edmonton, Alberta (Canada), Christina Battle is currently based in Denver, Colorado. She has a B.Sc. with specialization in Environmental Biology from the University of Alberta, a certificate in Film Studies from Ryerson University and a MFA from the San Francisco Art Institute. Her works are often inspired by the role of official and non-official archives, our notions of evidence and explore themes of history and counter-memory, political mythology and environmental catastrophe. She has exhibited internationally in festivals and galleries, most recently at:SOMArts (San Francisco); RL Window Gallery (New York); Redline Gallery (Denver); Deluge Contemporary Art (Victoria, BC); The ODD Gallery(Dawson City, YT); Gallery 44 (Toronto); WNDX Festival of Moving Image (Winnipeg); The Images Festival (Toronto); MCA Denver; the Aspen Art Museum; and the Ryerson Image Centre (Toronto). Christina is a contributing editor to INCITE Journal of Experimental Media and a co-conspirator of the media arts exhibition series Nothing To See Here in Denver.

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