FAVA Board of Directors

The people you, the membership, have elected to run the place.

FAVA's Board of Directors

FAVA uses the management board model for governing and directing the activities of the co-op. The board meets monthly and is actively involved with both the staff and membership often on a daily basis. We have standing committees for Production and Finances, which also meet monthly.

Current Board

President: Jaro Malanowski

Vice President: Dave Morgan

Treasurer: Clare Mullen

Communications Chair: Edmon Rotea

Film Chair: David Baron

Video Chair: Ryan Dupas

Exhibition Chair: Dana Rayment

Programming Chair:

Board of Directors

Jaro Malanowski


Dave Morgan

Vice President

Clare Mullen


Dana Rayment

Exhibition & Distribution Chair

David Baron

Film Chair

Ryan Dupas

Video Chair


The Film and Video Arts Society of Alberta (FAVA) is an artist-run centre that facilitates and supports the production, exhibition, distribution, and preservation of independent film, video and new media art in Northern Alberta.


FAVA’s vision is to offer excellent and nationally recognized resources and opportunities to a diverse community of artists, to create and showcase independent film, video and media art.

The Tour

What is FAVA?

FAVA Endowment Fund

Let's reach $100 000

The Society established an endowment fund in 2012 and has contributed to it in 2013, 2014, and 2015. The fund is administered by the Edmonton Community Foundation. The purpose of the fund is to create an investment resource that will help sponsor artist training, production and distribution far into Alberta’s future.

Endowment Fund (Goal $100 000)


Increase in Donations (2012-2013)




FAVA Annual Reports

Annual Report 2016

Annual Report 2015


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FAVA hosts a variety of events each year including: The FAVA Summer Party, Gotta Minute Film Festival, FAVA Holiday Party, FAVA FEST, Screenings.


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