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All fields not labeled (Optional) are required to complete the form. Once you have submitted your intake form, our Membership Manager will contact you with your invoice. Please contact [email protected] if you have any issues, or if you are receiving any error codes.

    Click HERE for descriptions of each level. New members will always start as either an Associate Member or a Student Member (proof of enrollment required). Only members who had their membership upgraded at an AGM can select "General" or "Producer" Member. If you are a renewing member but haven't upgraded, you are still an Associate Member.

    All memberships expire September 30th of each year. New members receive a pro-rated rate starting in December:
    December $81.90, January $74.55, February $67.20, March $59.85, April $52.50, May $45.15, June $37.80, July $30.45.

    As a member of FAVA, you are encouraged to contribute your time via volunteer hours. Volunteering will allow you the opportunity to move up to a higher tier of membership, as well as earn FAVA Bucks that can be used towards the cost of rentals and workshops. Please indicate which areas you may be willing and able to volunteer for.