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Discounts on RentalsDiscounts on ProgramsCommunicationsVoting Privileges30 Days to Pay Rental Invoices



Discounts on RentalsDiscounts on ProgramsCommunicationsVoting Privileges30 Days to Pay Rental Invoices

Membership Levels

Levels of Membership:

Associate member
Youth member
General member
Producer member
Lifetime member

FAVA has four levels of active membership: Associate, Youth, General and Producer. These levels are designed to reflect your productiveness, competence on equipment and level of commitment and service to the co-op.

Upgrading Your Membership:

General Member:

To upgrade from Associate to General Membership, you must be a member in good standing and have volunteered a minimum of 24 hours in the last year. It must also be demonstrated that you have been involved with the creation of a completed work since becoming a member, either independently or through a FAVA class.

Producer Member:

To upgrade your General Membership to a Producer Membership, you must be a member in good standing, have volunteered a minimum of 24 hours in the last year, have made a significant volunteer commitment to FAVA (for instance, through extensive participation on the Board of Directors or a standing Committee), and be accredited on basic FAVA equipment. Producer Members must have completed a body of work through FAVA. They must serve as consultants to other members within a reasonable capacity.

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The FAVA membership is a community of emerging and established film, video, and media artists. Being a member gives you access to equipment, facilities, workshops and classes at affordable rates. You receive our bi-weekly e-bulletins with information about workshops, industry events, developments and opportunities. Members have access to information resources, a library of books and screenplays, video archives, mentors and peers.

Annual Membership fees are due September 30th and can be paid in cash, debit, cheque, mastercard or visa.  Membership prices are pro-rated for new members only.  New members, please contact the main office to find out the rate for the month you are signing up for membership.

Download the Interactive Membership Form and email it back to us at to renew or start your new membership.

Benefits Include

  • Substantial discounts on gear rentals
  • Substantial discounts on workshop and classes including our FAVA free-for-all monthly workshops
  • Affordable access to FAVA facilities
  • Bi-Weekly E-bulletins
  • Access to the FAVA online community
  • Production Grants and Awards
  • Information Resources
  • Office Resources
  • Exhibition and Workshop Opportunities
  • Access to Mentors / Peers
  • Access to Book and Video Archives.

In addition, members receive discounts at Kodak, Studio Post and Matrix Communications.


FAVA Bucks

Twenty FAVA Bucks are awarded for each volunteer hour worked. These Bucks can then be used to offset up to half of a member’s production invoices. FAVA Bucks will not be accepted for workshops, membership dues, film or tape purchase, or special events. Our system rewards those who contribute their energy and time to the organization, and gives opportunities to become immediately involved in the operations and projects of the co-operative.


All members are required to volunteer 12 hours per year. Members will be notified of many specific volunteer opportunities. Out of town members are encouraged to be creative with their voluntary contributions – the writing of articles, the scouting of potential gear acquisitions, etc.

Volunteer Opportunities:

FAVA will endeavor to post all the upcoming Volunteer Opportunities right here on the website, as well as our e-bulletin.  If you are interested in volunteering, contact the office at 780-429-1671 or email membership at fava dot ca.  If you have an idea for a volunteer opportunity, let us know as well.

– We are always in need of admin support.  Please contact us at least a week in advance with your availability and we’ll arrange a time.

FAVA Supports Equity:

FAVA is firmly committed to ensuring full access to the organization and its resources to all people, regardless of gender, race, sexual orientation, religion, age or ability.


Member in Good Standing:

To remain in good standing at the co-op, members must fulfill the mandatory 12 hours of volunteer service per year, maintain a clean account and strive to serve the co-op to the best of their ability.

AMAAS Membership

amaasFAVA is excited to offer it’s membership this amazing deal with AMAAS.  For only $5 extra you can sign up to be an member of AMAAS with voting privileges.

What is AMAAS?

The Alberta Media Arts Alliance Society (AMAAS) serves media artists and organizations in Alberta. Founded in 1991, AMAAS provides communication, advocacy and educational networks to its members. AMAAS provides an annual conference, workshops, publishing, awards, sponsorship and artist commissions. Now, and since its inception, AMAAS is governed by a volunteer group of directors, all representatives of the media arts.

What does your membership get you?

Media Artists residing in Alberta – For independent creators in the media arts, having the status of a professional artist in Alberta, and sharing the aims and objectives of AMAAS. This class of member has voting privileges and offers numerous services and benefits to independent artists: Conference, Communications, Advocacy, Website, Workshops, and access to Equipment/Resources as available.

Featured Members


Below are 4 of our recently featured members. Click on a thumbnail to read the member’s detail page, or hit “Member Directory” to view all members and their pages.

Andrea Beça

Directing / Editing / Featured / Writing

Ryan Dupas

Directing / Featured / Writing

Nauzanin A. Knight

Featured / Producing / Writing

Cody Porter

Acting / Featured / Production / Writing

FAVA Free For All Workshops

The FAVA Free For All is an ongoing series of one-off workshops that are FREE for our membership. Workshops are topical and range from beginner to professional levels. They could introduce you to new gear, best practices, aesthetics and techniques, or just about anything. Make sure to contact FAVA Programming and register for a FAVA Free For All, spaces are limited for each workshop.


Access to Artists

Looking to learn how to use a specific piece of equipment or brush up your your skills in a certain area? If there isn’t a class or a workshop covering what you are interested in learning, FAVA members can contact our Director of Programming at, to set up one-on-one, member-tomember training through our Access to Artists program.




FAVA Endowment Fund

Let's reach $100 000

The Society established an endowment fund in 2012 and has contributed to it in 2013, 2014, and 2015. The fund is administered by the Edmonton Community Foundation. The purpose of the fund is to create an investment resource that will help sponsor artist training, production and distribution far into Alberta’s future.

Endowment Fund (Goal $100 000)


Increase in Donations (2012-2013)


FAVA Annual Reports

Annual Report 2013

Annual Report 2012

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