Volunteering & Benefits

Membership expectations and rewards!


All FAVA members are required to volunteer 12 hours per year to be members in good standing and to qualify for upgrades. Through our newsletter and social media blasts, FAVA will reach out to its membership with varied volunteer opportunities. Out of town members are encouraged to be creative with their voluntary contributions – the writing of articles, the scouting of potential gear acquisitions, etc.

Examples of volunteering opportunities includes:

  • Event support
  • Gear maintenance
  • Renovations
  • Studio maintenance
  • Newsletter and blog contributions
  • FAVA Originals: film and video productions
  • FAVA Committees: Production, Programming, Events, and more.

Are you ready to volunteer? Visit our Job Postings page to see what opportunities are currently available, and keep an eye out for opportunities via our newsletter and social media announcements.

If you have an idea or if you have some spare time (a week’s notice is best), just send us an email. There’s always something to do!

[email protected]


Earn FAVA Bucks Volunteering!

Twenty FAVA Bucks are awarded for each volunteer hour worked. These Bucks can then be used to offset up to half of a member’s production invoices.

FAVA Bucks are not accepted for workshops, membership dues, film or tape purchase, or special events.

Our system rewards those who contribute their energy and time to the organization and gives opportunities to become immediately involved in the operations and projects of the co-operative.

Join a FAVA Committee

Want to help shape the organization and have input on crucial decisions? Do you see opportunities to support the staff deliver our services and events? Get involved with a volunteer committee!

Production Committee: 

The FAVA Production Committee helps identify the organizations, and the memberships technical needs regarding equipment and studios, and executes plans based on those needs.

Members of the community have a diverse background in: camera, lighting, directing, producing, grip, and more. Each member brings skills and technical knowledge to help make plans for equipment purchases or studio upgrades.

Email [email protected] to express interest in joining!

Programming Committee

The Programming Committee meets regularly to explore topics, information, and opportunities for classes, workshops, and seminars.

Email [email protected] to express interest in joining!

Special Events Committee

Do you want to help make FAVA’s events unique and exciting?

The Special Events committee takes all kind of minds, hands, and skills to complete a successful event. Everyone on the committee will bring something unique such as design skills, marketing knowledge, creative event ideas, different perspectives, technical capabilities, varied artistic disciplines, fundraising, and sponsorship.

Our events include: FAVA FEST, The Gotta Minute Film Festival Awards, and the FAVA Summer Party, for example. If you are interested in making FAVA’s events, screenings, and festivals a hit: join the Special Events Committee!

Email [email protected] to express interest in joining!