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Member Benefits

The FAVA membership is a community of emerging and established film, video, and media artists.

Being a member provides many benefits including:

  • Access to register in FAVA classes and workshops
  • Special members only rate for paid public workshops
  • Access to ongoing Free-For-All Workshops
  • Subsidized rates on equipment rentals (up 75% less compared to commercial rates)
  • Affordable equipment and liability insurance
  • Free hi-resolution archiving and distribution support from FAVATV
  • Subsidized rates on studio rentals
  • First to know about FAVA Events
  • Networking opportunities for future collaborations and friendships
  • Volunteer and paid opportunities in support of FAVA services & member projects
  • Earn FAVA $20 bucks per volunteer hour. FAVA Bucks can be used to pay for up to 50% of your rental invoice.
  • FAVA Members submission fees are waived for FAVA festivals and screenings.

FAVA equipment and studio discounts only apply to projects where the artist owns all the intellectual property of the project (not commercial projects).

Membership Levels

FAVA has five levels of active membership: Associate, General, Producer, Lifetime and Student. These levels are designed to reflect your productiveness, competence on equipment and level of commitment and service to the co-op. Everyone starts at the Associate Level, unless you are a student member. Memberships are good for one year after your purchase.

Associate Member

Cost: $85.00 + GST per year

This is the first level of membership for everyone. Associate membership is available to anyone. Like all the other membership levels, this provides members with access to equipment, studios, workshops, classes and events. The one difference is that Associate and Student members are not allowed to vote at AGMs.

First-time Indigenous Members

Cost: Free

As part of FAVA’s program to increase accessibility and support to Alberta’s Indigenous community, we will be waiving the membership fee for any first year member who self identifies as Indigenous.

Student Member

Cost: $40 +GST

Student Membership is available to members who are currently enrolled in a recognized educational institution. Like all the other membership levels, this provides members with access to equipment, studios, workshops, classes and events. The one difference is that Associate and Student members are not allowed to vote at AGMs.

General Member

Cost: $65.00 + GST per year

To upgrade from Associate to General Membership, you must be a member in good standing and have volunteered a minimum of 24 hours in the last year. It must also be demonstrated that you have been involved with the creation of a completed work since becoming a member, either independently or through a FAVA class.

Producer Member

Cost: $40.00 + GST per year

To upgrade your General Membership to a Producer Membership, you must be a member in good standing, having volunteered a minimum of 24 hours in the last year, have made a significant volunteer commitment to FAVA (for instance, through extensive participation on the Board of Directors or a Standing Committee), and be accredited on basic FAVA equipment. Producer Members must have completed a body of work through FAVA. They must serve as consultants to other members within a reasonable capacity.

Lifetime Membership

Cost: Free

This designation is for those members who have demonstrated exceptional contribution to the organization and have produced a substantial body of work. Candidates for Lifetime Membership are selected by the Board of Directors.

Organizational Code of Conduct

Respect, Support, Inclusion

FAVA is committed to fostering a vibrant and inclusive community, in which all emerging and established media artists feel encouraged and supported in their unique artistic practices. To that end, we ask that all members adhere to FAVA’s code of conduct when participating in FAVA events, workshops, and classes, and in all other interactions that take place on FAVA premises.

Member expectations:

  • Equitable treatment of others regardless of race, ancestry, place of origin, color, gender identity, gender expression, sexual orientation, age, or ability
  • Commitment to a supportive and respectful environment that values difference, freedom of expression, and critical discourse
  • Follow all organizational policies and procedures to remain a member in good standing

Behavior that will not be tolerated:

  • Hateful, sexist, or discriminatory speech (including audiovisual materials that endorses hateful and discriminatory viewpoints)
  • Verbal, physical or visual harassment of member, volunteer, board, or staff (individual or group)
  • Physical or sexual assault
  • Abusive language toward any individual or group
  • Bullying or discourteous/rude behaviour toward any individual or group
  • Unlawful behaviour
  • Actual or threatened violence toward any individual or group
  • Conduct endangering the life, safety, health or well-being of others
  • Failure to follow any agency policy or procedure

Behavior that violates our code of conduct may be subject to any of the following actions:

  • Verbal or written warning
  • Suspension of member privileges (i.e., ejection from an event, workshop, or FAVA facilities)
  • Termination of membership
  • Legal Action

Conflict Resolution

Members are encouraged to solve problems with other members collaboratively, rather than through conflict. If a conflict cannot be resolved collaboratively, concerns should be brought to one of the following individuals:

  1. Workshop instructor or event facilitator
  2. The Director of Programming and Membership
  3. The Executive Director

Complaint Procedure

When a complaint comes to the Executive Director (ED) the ED will, within two weeks from receiving the complaint, use any or all options that may be appropriate including but not limited to:

  1. Meet with the complainant.
  2. Meet with all parties to resolve the issue.
  3. Ask another board member to mediate.

If the issue is unresolved to the party’s satisfaction, the complaint will be forwarded to the Board President.  The Board President will determine the best course of action and respond within 30 days.

If a complaint is concerning the ED, the complaint will be forwarded to the Board President in writing.  The President will respond within 30 days. The Board President will use any or all options that may be appropriate including but not limited to:

  • Meet with the complainant.
  • Meet with all parties to resolve the issue.
  • Ask another board member to mediate and resolve the complaint or determine if further action is required.
  • Bring the complaint to the board to determine further actions.

Become A Member

All new members begin at the Associate membership level.

Annual Membership fees are due one year after your first membership payment and can be paid in cash, debit, cheque, MasterCard or Visa. Since approved at the 2022 AGM, memberships will now run for one year from the date of renewal. This is a change from our previous renewal process, which required all memberships to renew in September.

If you have any questions, email us at [email protected].

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Consent from a parent or legal guardian is required for members under the age of 18.

  1. Youth Members are required to fulfill 6 hours of volunteer time annually for FAVA.
  2. Youth Members do NOT have after hours access privileges; no exceptions.
  3. Youth members will receive member rates on equipment and programs.
  4. Rental of gear is based on experience with the equipment and approval of use is subject to the discretion FAVA Production. These terms are in alignment with the terms used for all FAVA members.

Renew Your Membership

If you wish to renew your membership with FAVA, please click the button below to start the process! Memberships must be up-to-date to retain access to FAVA services, such as gear and studio rentals, member-exclusive programming and discounts, earn FAVA Bucks for volunteer hours, participate in the AGM and potentially upgrade your membership, and more. Renew your membership now: