Gotta Minute Film Festival

One-minute silent short films for one and all

About The Festival

Gotta Minute is Western Canada’s first film fest for Commuters proudly brought to you by PATTISON Onestop and FAVA.

The festival features one-minute silent short films in public spaces. Gotta Minute is a celebration of public art on public transit in public space.  A gem of a fest for one and all, big and small, proudly brought to you by PATTISON Onestop & The Film and Video Arts Society of Alberta (FAVA).

The 11th Annual festival will run from September 16th – 22nd, 2024.

Festival On The Go

Gotta Minute is Western Canada’s first film fest for Commuters proudly brought to you by PATTISON Onestop and FAVA. Appearing in Edmonton and Calgary transit systems where digital screens will light up with a program of One-Minute Silent Short Films from around the world – every 5 minutes! Don’t miss this on-the-go festival in public spaces.

Gotta Minute is a festival of ONE-MINUTE SILENT SHORT FILMS made for General Audiences.  All genres are featured: live action, documentary, creative non-fiction, animation, and experimental.

You’ve got “A Festival in your Pocket”!  If you miss our shows in transit, you can always pick them up Online at The full program is mounted on the website to enjoy during the Fest and throughout the year at your leisure.  Share the online program with your friends and VOTE for your favourite short.

Awards Celebration

Tiny films get a big celebration!

The Gotta Minute Film Festival recognizes the creativity and uniqueness of the participating filmmakers with an Award Celebration presenting the silent short films in a theatre with live music to accompany the piece.

It’s a surprise you don’t want to miss!

All of the selected films will be eligible for cash prizes and awards:

  • First Place
  • Second Place
  • Third Place
  • Best Animated Film
  • Best Non-Fiction Film
  • Spirit of Alberta Award
  • Best International Short
  • Best Film for Young Audiences
  • Best Youth Film
  • Audience Choice Award

Supporting Filmmakers

The Gotta Minute Film Festival has featured hundreds of unique one-minute silent short films proving that limitations can foster great creativity. To support our participating filmmakers continued artistic exploration we pay modest artist fees to the selected films as well as provide our award winners with incredible prizes. For example, over the past eight years we have handed out:

  • Up to $1000 cash to an award winning filmmaker.
  • Scholarships to youth filmmakers pursuing film, video, and media art education.
  • Thanks to generous donations we have awarded licenses to RED GIANT and Toon Boom filmmaking software valued hundreds of dollars.
  • Filmmaking equipment generously donated by McBain Camera Edmonton.

This festival would not be possible with our our supporters and help us provide these wonderful prizes.

The Gotta Minute Film Festival is made possible by the generous contributions of our Supporters