Gotta Minute Film Festival 2022

9th Annual silent short film festival

Gotta Minute 2022 has wrapped!

This year’s GMFF ran from Sept 5th-18th, 2022. The 30 selected films played on Pattison Onestop screens in Edmonton and Calgary (such as the Edmonton LRT and the Calgary C-train), in select Edmonton Public Library and Calgary Public Library locations, in the lobby of the Metro Cinema, and online!

Our Awards Celebration was on September 18th from 2-4pm in FAVA’s Studio B (Room 136) at The Orange Hub! We had an amazing afternoon presenting the awards to out winning filmmakers. Edmonton jazz musicians, Devin Hart and Murray Wood, joined us for some music, and to accompany the winning selections. You can find the winning reel below!

2022 Winning Films

Winning Selections
  • First Prize + Best Animated Film: Rapsody – Carlo Ghioni
  • Second Prize: The Boy Who Planted Pink Flowers – Colin Fearing
  • Third Prize: Melt – Calvin Liu
  • Best Non-Fiction Film: Nonna – Mia Buono
  • Best International Film: Desert Blue Skyline – Raul Garcia
  • Best Film for Young Audiences: Save the bees – Nikolina Santovac
  • Best Youth Film: Owl Story – Anna Spoeth
  • Spirit of Alberta: Story Trees (After Images) – Don Hill
  • Audience Choice: Perspective – Ranjit Mullakady

Official Selections

Program 1 - Monday
  • The Boy Who Planted Pink Flowers – Colin Fearing
  • Sheep – Dmitrijs Stepins*
  • Nature Blooming – Cam McRes
  • Doomsday – Anne Morin
  • Save the bees – Nikolina Santovac
Program 2 - Tuesday
  • Perspective – Ranjit Mullakady
  • Melt – Calvin Liu
  • Nonna – Mia Buono
  • Mirroring – Tuan Pham*
  • Likely – Rebecca Jimenez
Program 3 - Wednesday
  • ARIA – Ty Ferguson
  • The Forcast from Mount-Menopause – Nicole Blundell
  • TRICHOTOMY – Vuk Stefan Palibrk*
  • That Person in a Crowded Room – Marc Daniel Busilan
  • Rapsody – Carlo Ghioni
Program 4 - Thursday
  • Fade to Colour – Corey Bond
  • Desert Blue Skyline – Raul Garcia
  • Vortex – Shrikant Prabhu
  • LIMEN (atto I) – Silvia Alfei & Francesco Caracciolo
  • McLaren Pong – Mark Richards
Program 5 - Friday
  • Shoe-vie – Samuel Robinson & Aidan Collins
  • STORY TREES (after images) – Don Hill
  • Dream – Ruby Park
  • Spacetime Experiment #1 – Bekk Wells
  • Amusement – Carlo Ghioni
Program 6 - Saturday
  • Mr. Viggs is…The Automaton – Eric Spoeth
  • Sweat, Blood and Tears – Garrett Mallory Scott*
  • Owl Story – Anna Spoeth
  • Falling to Pizzas – Shannon Steele & Elwyn Lewis*
  • Awakening – Madeline Setzer

Where to Watch

Calgary Launch Event

Join us at the Central Calgary Public Library location for the official GMFF 2022 Launch Event on Sept 6th, 2022 (2pm-4pm)!

Gotta Minute at the Library*

See one-minute gems on the screens at select Edmonton Public Library and Calgary Public Library branches, including the EPL Makers Space downtown. You can also catch a specially selected program just for our littles that will be showcased in children’s space.

Gotta Minute Online

You’ve got “A Festival in your Pocket”!  If you miss our shows in transit, you can always pick them up Online. The complete program will be available on the website to enjoy during the Fest and throughout the year at your leisure.  Share the online program with your friends and VOTE for your favourite short.

Gotta Minute Metro Cinema

Movie lovers – it keeps getting better! Enjoy the complete GMFF program during the preshow at all Metro Cinema screenings during the festival.

Gotta Minute on the Train*

Selected short films will be shown over a two-week-long program on PATTISON Onestop platform screens. These shorts will run every 10 minutes throughout Edmonton Transit’s LRT system and Calgary’s C-train system – Public Art on Public Transit in Public Space.

Awards Celebration

Our full program will be shared at the Awards Celebration on Sept 18th from 2-4pm, located in FAVA’s Studio B (Room 136) at the Orange Hub. Join us for refreshments, music from Edmonton Jazz Musician Devin Hart, and to celebrate the 2022 Gotta Minute Film Festival Award Winners!

*Some films are not able to screen on certain screens due to content restrictions set by Pattison and the public libraries. Any films featuring alcohol (in any capacity), violence (even implied), weapons (even fake), or other content that is not suitable for general audiences may not be shown on these screens. These films will still play online, at the Awards Ceremony and at the Metro Cinema and are still eligible for awards. If you think your film fits that criteria and would like to know if your film has been restricted, please email [email protected].

Awards Ceremony

The Gotta Minute Film Festival recognizes the creativity and uniqueness of the participating filmmakers with an Award Celebration presenting the silent short films with live music to accompany the piece. This year’s Awards Ceremony will be held at in Studio B (Room 136) at The Orange Hub on September 18th from 2:00pm-4:00pm! FAVA and Pattison Onestop invite you for refreshments, live music from Edmonton jazz musician, Devin Hart, and of course, to watch and celebrate some excellent, one-minute films! Join the community as we celebrate our filmmakers and give away some amazing awards and cash prizes, including an Audience Choice Award! Voting for the Audience Choice will begin Monday, September 5th and closes at noon on September 18th. 

All of the selected films will be eligible for cash prizes and awards such as:

  • First Place
  • Second Place
  • Third Place
  • Best Animated Film
  • Best Non-Fiction Film
  • Spirit of Alberta Award
  • Best International Short
  • Best Film for Young Audiences
  • Best Youth Film
  • Audience Choice Award

Along with cash prizes up to $1000, prizes given to winners at GMFF include filmmaking gear, premium software licenses, and more.

Please note, due to international barriers, not all prizes are eligible to those outside of Canada, and prize money is subject to transfer fees. We apologize for the inconvenience.
If you are not present in-person to accept the award, arrangements will be made in the week following the festival to assure its delivery.
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