The Boy Who Planted Pink Flowers

By - Colin Fearing

A young boy transforms desolation into beauty with the delicate gifts of nature.


By - Calvin Liu

A man reminisces about someone in his past.


By - Mia Buono

"Nonna" is a mini documentary reflecting on the connection between food, culture, and family.

Desert Blue Skyline

By - Raul Garcia

This is a submission for the Gotta Minute Film Festival 2022, in which the sky is depicted as an expanse conjuring a mirage.

Save the bees

By - Nikolina Santovac

"Save the bees" is a short stop motion project. Author tried to give her artistic contribution to the global `protect biodiversity` movements, in o...


By - Ranjit Mullakady

A young, deaf girl sneaks out of her house to surprise her mom. When her protective mother discovers her missing, she becomes frantic.

Owl Story

By - Anna Spoeth

A girl gets lost in the woods until a kind owl shows her the way out.

STORY TREES (after images)

By - Don Hill

A year in the life of an Edmonton ravine. The city's forest is rooted in the sky. And when trees clap their hands, a raven knows where to look ne...

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