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Program III | Exchanges

Wall of Kindness

Created By - Hamidreza Hidaji

A four-year-old girl realizes that a child labor has not worn a mask.

One and a Half Makes 2

Created By - 100 Video Project

A homeless young man has a humble encounter in the rain leading to a new friend.


Created By - Omatta Udalor

A man with supernatural foresight has a vision. The question is - did this already happen?

Love is Love

Created By - Elenfant Distribution

On a fall afternoon, Viola, a cheerful and curly-haired 6-year-old kid, is at the park with her father. She's just lost her baby teeth, but she alr...

The Grand Exchange

Created By - Nolan Hehir

A shady noir-style exchange turns south...

Ink, I Think

Created By - Paula E. Kirman

Digitally animated fireworks blurring the lines between art and reality.


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