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Program I | Fluidity

Mondays, Right?

Created By - Amelie Lang-Muller

Mondays are the pits! Especially when you have no nine to five job and you find yourself in a river with someone else's identity...

On the Move

Created By - Makena Kwan

This film represents "movement" and the aesthetic of nature the world that individuals tend to miss out on because we always have somewhere to be.


Created By - Spencer Check

Our main character takes a swig of water, but realizes that its about to fall. Will he catch it in time?


Created By - Aran Wilkinson-Blanc

A visual Haiku of the creek nearby shot in Infrared. The juxtaposition of stillness and movement, the natural and the artificial that surrounds it.

Creek Children

Created By - Alexis Marie Chute

A nostalgic glimpse into the Alberta summer where three siblings play creek-side, using their imaginations to invent their own world.


Created By - Jamie Mcrae

The manipulation of time to reveal what we miss in fleeting moments.


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