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Program VII – Award Winners

Blink (2021)

Created By - Omatta Udalor

A man with supernatural foresight has a vision. The question is - did this already happen?

Still I Rise? (2021)

Created By - Abhiraj Ranjan

I think my mannequin has been reading my English assignments.

leavings (2020)

Created By - Lindsay McIntyre


On the Move (2021)

Created By - Makena Kwan

This film represents "movement" and the aesthetic of nature the world that individuals tend to miss out on because we always have somewhere to be.

Fuses with Fibers (2021)

Created By - Demmi Dupri

Fiber optic fantasies fused together by antiquated thread.

#Nofilter? (2020)

Created By - Jannatul Mawa Mitu

This is not unknown how fake social media can be and how it’s harming our mental health. This film is a small representation of how you can more co...

match (2021)

Created By - Amanda Torres

A trip on a flying carpet.

Creek Children (2021)

Created By - Alexis Marie Chute

A nostalgic glimpse into the Alberta summer where three siblings play creek-side, using their imaginations to invent their own world.


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