Sharing, Archiving and Producing Screen Media

What is FAVA TV?

FAVA TV is really two things:

A digital platform for:

  • Archiving or posting digital hi-res versions of independent media without cost to the artists and without ads for the viewer.
  • Hosting online film festivals or curated works (with or without a pay-wall, username/password access, geo-specific access, etc.)
  • Providing a distribution channel for artists and organizations who want to reach new audiences and share their work online

A production department that:

  • Provides streaming services for partners and members available for viewing on FAVATV.com
  • Provides organizational-specific FAVATV.com pages for independent festivals
  • Provides production support and services to partner agencies looking to capture/stream their creative works (Electronic Field Production – equipment and crew)

To learn more about FAVA’s online and production services, email us at [email protected]