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Join our special guest host Owen Armstrong for the first-ever episode of the FAVA in Studio podcast!

In this episode, we chat with six filmmakers about directing their projects that have been selected for the 2021 FAVA FEST.  FAVA FEST is an annual celebration of independent film and video art. You can catch their amazing films in our upcoming online screenings that will take place May 24-28 as part of the festival. Visit for more details. 

About the Host 

Owen Armstrong: Host of Plagiarythmon CJSR 88.5fm, and around the world at


  • Lindsay Robinson (Director) – Central Dental (NarrativeShort) – timecode 01:06-11:56
  • Alyx (Director) – Sane-ish Middle Class Asians (Narrative Short) – timecode 11:58-21:06
  • Trevor Anderson (Director) – Jesse Jams (Documentary Short) – timecode 21:08-31:29
  • Clare Clovechok (Director) – Love Undivided (Documentary Short) – timecode 31:32-41:20
  • Adolfo Ruiz (Director) – Whirlwind (Animated Short) – timecode 41:24-52:29
  • Cayley Thomas (Director/Musician) – Midnight Hours, Do It All With You (Music Video) – timecode 52:32-01:11:51