FAVA FEST Hindsight 2020

a FAVA FEST retrospective

About The Festival



In response to the COVID-19 Pandemic we decided to take a look back on eight years of FAVA FEST to support our members past works, award all participating filmmakers fees for their works, and provide audiences locked down at home with some independent film, video, and media art.

For the past eight years FAVA has celebrated our member’s work with an annual film festival, FAVA FEST, and awards ceremony, FAVA GALA. This year we are looking backward while moving forward by bringing audiences a retrospective film and video arts festival on our streaming platform FAVA TV. Since FAVA FEST’s inception in 2012 we have celebrated over two-hundred independent films, videos, and media art works from over eighty FAVA members.




To Hold A Thought | Alex Viszmeg

Terrestrials | Conor McNally

Deep of the Night | Dave Morgan

Before It Breaks | Dave Morgan

Mea Maxima Culpa | Eric Spoeth

The Weightless Traveler | Eva Colmers

Oblivion by Grimes | Evan Prosofsky

Stonewater | Jaro Malanowski

Slingshot | Jimmy Bustos

Lines for Clarinet | John Osborne

Her Silent Life | Lindsay McIntyre

All Around Junior Male | Lindsay McIntyre

I Want To Love You | Mike McLaughlin

Paris Green | Mike Robertson

The High Level Bridge | Trevor Anderson

Breathing Empty | Wes Miron


Something Strangely Familiar | aAron Munson

Boundaries | Ali Sultani

Gently Whispering The Circle Back | Beth Wishart MacKenzie

More Time | Bret Manyluk

HER | Chantelle Tyler

The Vale | Conor McNally

Wild Hearts | Dylan Rhys Howard

Small Talk | Dylan Rhys Howard

Cities and Plains | Dylan Rhys Howard

Oh, The Wind Will Blow | Dylan Rhys Howard

Granny Baby | Eva Colmers

Maud, Mary & The Titanic | Geraldine Carr

Rabbits & Monsters | Gerry Potter

Creative Connections: The Mountain and the Arts Bridge | Gerry Potter

The Machine | John Osborne

Raga Mawa | John Osborne

darg: construction | Lindsay McIntyre

bernard gaspé | Lindsay McIntyre

Now That I’ve Given Up Hope, I Feel Much Better | Lyle Bell & aAron Munson

Middle Men 4: Oh Damn | Matt Marshall

Blindfold | Teace Snyder

The Man That Got Away | Trevor Anderson


iCUP| Adam Bentley

Teenage Dance | Adam Bentley

Dazer by Borscht | Chantelle Tyler

New Black by Shred Kelly | Christina Ienna

What If… | Christopher Kwansi

One Foot by Doug Hoyer | Dylan Rhys Howard

This Wind | Dylan Rhys Howard

Autumn | Eva Colmers

Art and Science | John Osborne

Patternicity | John Osborne

Where We Stand | Lindsay McIntyre

Fin D’un Epoque | Parker Thiessen


Jealousy! | Andrew Paul

The Making of 40 Below and Falling | Andrew Scholotiuk

Brothers in the Buddha | Beth Wishart MacKenzie

Escape From Here | Carlito Ghioni

Family, Oh Family by Shred Kelly | Christina Ienna

Lifetimes of Snow | Dylan Rhys Howard

I’m In Love With The City by Wilfred Kozub | John Osborne

Art and Science III | John Osborne

Pulse | John Osborne

Trash Heaven | Lindsay McIntyre and Dave Morgan

Codename: Chad | Mike Robertson

Iris | Natalee Rawat

Clockwatcher | Parker Thiessen

Kanada Girl | Rebecca Campbell

Nightlife by The Wet Secrets | Trevor Anderson

Maybe We’ll Make A Plan by The Wet Secrets | Trevor Anderson

Floating in the Sky by The Wet Secrets | Lyle Bell & Trevor Anderson


Adrift | Adolfo Ruiz

Unforgotten | Beth Wishart MacKenzie

Glory River | Blake McWilliam

Going Sideways by Shred Kelly | Christina Ienna

The Things We Taught Our Daughters | Coty Savard

Wear Me Down by The Little | Dylan Rhys Howard

The Long, Lonely Road Home | Dylan Rhys Howard

2.57K | Eva Colmers, aAron Munson, and Gary James Joynes

The Match | Frederick Kroetsch

Trademarks & Copyrights – Watermarks | Jamie McRae

Yuppie Culture – Future Feels | Jamie McRae

TimesNewROM – Feelings Wave’96 | Jamie McRae

Extra High Grade | Jamie McRae

Lift | Katrina Beatty

The Wagon, the rusty cart and the junk pile | Lindsay McIntyre

In The Backyarden | Lindsay McIntyre

Second Attack by Striker | Lindsay Robinson

Every Year Or So by Scenic Route to Alaska | Mike Robertson

Lost in Time by Jom Comyn | Parker Thiessen

Push/Pull by Switches | Parker Thiessen

Change | Tom Robinson

Undertow | Wes Miron


Hila | Adam Bentley

Lines | Adolfo Ruiz

Lana Gets Her Talk | Beth Wishart MacKenzie

Yellow Lines | Blake

The Price of the Prize | Brandy Yanchyk

Terra Incognita | Carlito Ghioni

3D & VR Filmmaking by Dylan Pearce | Christina Ienna

ôtênaw | Conor McNally

Richard and Me “Water Daze” | John Osborne

One, One Thousand | Justin Brunelle

Everything | Justin Brunelle

Down On Me by We Were Friends | Ken Nemetchek

Classic Camera | Kyle Armstrong

Phoenix Lights by Striker | Lindsay Robinson

Torture by Mortillery | Lindsay Robinson

How To Learn Anything: How To Solve A Rubiks Cube While Skydiving | Lindsay Robinson

Champ | Nashwa Zaman

Levitate | Nicholas Yee & Kellen Frost

dépôt | Oliver Lessard


Timebox | Daelan Wood

Hello Quinn | Daelan Wood

Deep of the Night Episode 5: The Kind You Get From Listening | Dave Morgan & Joel Higham

Peak Oil | Dylan Rhys Howard

Waiting for Waldemar | Eric Spoeth

Happy Birthday, Mango! | Eva Colmers

Not A One-Way Street | Eva Colmers & Heidi Janz

Third Wilson | Jamie McRae

Light of Loving | John Osborne

Pink Kimono by Whitehorse | Katrina Beatty

Room 11a, Ortona Armoury | Lindsay McIntyre

One More Time by Raygun Cowboys | Lindsay Robinson

Cricket | Lizzie Derksen

Feel It by Marlaena Moore | Parker Thiessen

The Casche Project, Sacred Transitions | Rueben Tschetter

3 Siblings | Sheena Rossiter


Wisdom/Warrior | Adam Bentley

Sleepless | Adam Bentley

T-Minus | Adrien Gonzales De La Pena

Expecting Sunshine | Alexis Marie Chute

From A Light Within | Beth Wishart MacKenzie

The Calling | Demmi Dupri

The Suburbanight | Eva Colmers

Aurora | Geraldine Carr

Just A Ploughboy | Gina Payzant

The Hand That Picks The Stone | Gina Payzant & Jared Paul

Five Course Meal | James Cadden

Drips | Jamie McRae

The Zero Percent | John Osborne

Downward Spiral | John Osborne

How To Learn Anything: Can I Teach A Cat To Launch A Rocket? | Lindsay Robinson

Vampires of Industry | Parker Thiessen

The Brink | Sylvia Douglas

Stay | Sylvia Douglas