Celebration & Community

About The Festival

FAVA FEST has run annually from 2012-2022. Its purpose is to showcase our member’s works and put on a big party to celebrate outstanding achievements in film, video and media art in our community.


FAVA FEST is FAVA’s annual celebration of film, video, and media art created by our membership. It includes screenings of our member’s work, artist talks, and parties.

FAVA FEST typically takes place in the spring with a week of screenings of the very best works produced by our members within the last eighteen months. FAVA FEST is the place to see new local films, videos, and media artworks. Our membership is made of diverse talents and backgrounds so every year expect the unexpected in many genres and styles such as, music videos, short narratives, feature films, short and long documentaries, experimental films, and animation. During FAVA FEST we often program talks and Q&As with local artists, renowned Canadian filmmakers, and expert technicians.

In addition to showcasing our member’s most recent works we also recognize one of our esteemed members’ with the Outstanding Achievement Award. This Award goes to a FAVA Member that has contributed greatly to our artistic community through their work and their support of the society. In honor of their body of work and dedication to film, video, and media art in Alberta we highlight their work, throw them a party, and celebrate their Outstanding Achievement Award at the FAVA GALA.

FAVA FEST is for those that love the moving image from filmmakers and artists to cinephiles and supporters. If you want to dive deep into the world of film, video, and media art: FAVA FEST is the place to be.


FAVA GALA is the culmination of our festival as we toast our members achievements in excellence. The FAVA GALA is an awards show with a red carpet and we invite you to dress up and come celebrate with us as we hand our thousands of dollars of cash awards and prizes.

You don’t want to miss the FAVA GALA as we hand out the Excellence Awards for the best of the fest. These outstanding films are selected by an expert jury of filmmakers and artistic professionals. Each submission to the festival is also eligible for Craft Awards that recognize that filmmaking takes a team of various talents. That’s not all, we also hand out Production Awards for the creation of new work. We can’t wait to see what our members create next!

FAVA GALA isn’t just an awards show, it’s also a media art gallery and a big party. FAVA GALA has featured 360° projections, Super 8mm films, green screen photo booth, and live music.

Join us at FAVA GALA to mix n’ mingle. It’s been known to foster creative connections that go on to produce award winning work!

Our Outstanding Members

The Awards of Excellence are announced at FAVA GALA each year at the conclusion of FAVA FEST.

These awards celebrate completed work by FAVA members in the following categories:

  • Outstanding Short Narrative Film or Video
  • Outstanding Long Form Narrative Film or Video
  • Outstanding Short Form Documentary Film or Video
  • Outstanding Long Form Documentary Film or Video
  • Outstanding Music Video
  • Outstanding Inter-Art Performance or Installation
  • Outstanding Experimental Film or Video
  • Outstanding Animation
  • Outstanding Achievement Award
  • Spirit of FAVA Award

Craft Categories Awards:

  • Outstanding Screenwriting
  • Outstanding Production Design
  • Outstanding Sound Design
  • Outstanding Editing
  • Outstanding Performance
  • Outstanding Cinematography

Herzog’s Boots

In 1996, Wener Herzog dropped by FAVA for a visit. The great German filmmaker was in Edmonton to speak at the Local Heroes International Screen Festival, and we wanted to see what was happening at the ground level of grassroots filmmaking. Impressed by the independent spirit of FAVA, Herzog gave us a pair of his boots to symbolize the self-reliance an artist needs to sustain oneself on the long road of a life in cinema. One of these boots sits high atop a bookcase in an office at the Edmonton headquarters of the National Film Board. The other boot, in true FAVA fashion, we lost. But it’s more than a boot! It’s a way of life! In keeping with this kickass ethos, each Excellence Award winner will receive their very own Herzog’s Boot. VIVA LA FAVA!

FAVA FEST is made possible by our generous Supporters