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FAVA’s workshops and classes range from hands-on training to lecture-style education and are delivered by experienced and supportive experts. Topics range from screenwriting, pre-production, production, post-production, marketing, film studies and more.

FAVA contracts experts who have proven experience both in subject and in instruction so that participants gain real-world, applicable skills and knowledge.

While all courses are available to everyone, FAVA members enjoy membership rates.

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Popular Classes

There are always new workshops and learning opportunities being offered at FAVA. These are our core video and film courses that are regularly available. Check out our current listings to see what’s coming up next!

Video Kitchen

This is our introductory class. It is a prerequisite to Main Course. Video Kitchen provides a creative place to explore and express your ideas visually. Ingredients you’ll mix together include: screenwriting, budgeting, scheduling, casting, camera technique, shot lists, storyboards, lighting, sound, and editing. You’ll have lots of opportunities to get your hands dirty as you cook up your own 4-6 minute short film. Dramatic, documentary, or experimental projects are encouraged. All the necessary FAVA gear rentals are included in the class price – you couldn’t rent the gear to make your movie for less than the price of the whole class!

Check our current listing for upcoming classes! Questions? Contact [email protected]

Introduction to Screenwriting

Got a screenplay you’re itching to write? Take this opportunity to develop your short or feature film script or one-hour teleplay in an intense but supportive workshop setting. This class will focus on crafting the concept and structure of your story, and will provide feedback on your evolving script. Participants are encouraged to enter the class with a story outline or first draft of the idea they wish to develop.

Check our current listing for upcoming classes! Questions? Contact [email protected]

Main Course

This is our intermediate production class. Participants must have completed FAVA’s Video Kitchen course, or have proven equivalent experience (at the discretion of FAVA). This class will build upon the basic knowledge of production and editing, in order to take your craft to the next level. As in Video Kitchen, you’ll get to take a short film (under 10 minutes) from pre-production through to completion. This curriculum is designed to elevate the technical skills needed to fully realize your vision. With the guidance of instructors, you’ll decide whether to shoot on the ARRI SR3, ARRI II, AC-160, or EPIC. Learn how to level a dolly, the difference between a maffer, cardellini, and gator clamp, and the importance of sound design and colour grading. Dramatic, documentary, or experimental projects are welcome and encouraged. All the necessary FAVA gear rentals are included in the class price, excluding film costs if you choose to shoot on film

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Free-For-All Workshops

The FAVA Free For All is an ongoing series of one-off workshops that are FREE for our membership. Workshops are topical and range from beginner to professional levels. They could introduce you to new gear, best practices, aesthetics and techniques, or just about anything. Make sure to contact FAVA Programming and register for a FAVA Free For All, spaces are limited for each workshop.

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Access to Artists: One-on-one Mentorship

Having one-on-one training is invaluable when you need first-hand, real-world experience. Our senior members have the knowledge and experience you might need to create, market and promote your works.

To learn more, please contact [email protected] for more information

Super 8mm Challenge

Shoot some film! We dare you! Included in this workshop you’ll get: a three-hour workshop on shooting Super 8, one roll of super8 film (one only! It’s a challenge!), a weekend rental of a super8 camera (or use your own if you have one). FAVA pays for shipping to the lab, film development, and transfer of all the films to a digital file.

See your masterpiece for the very first time alongside the other challenge participants at FAVA’s summer BBQ. Crank up your nerve and come have some fun shooting film.

Check our current listing for upcoming classes! Questions? Contact [email protected]