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FAVA’s workshops and classes range from hands-on training to lecture-style education and are delivered by experienced and supportive experts. Topics range from screenwriting, pre-production, production, post-production, marketing, film studies and more.

FAVA contracts experts who have proven experience both in subject and in instruction so that participants gain real-world, applicable skills and knowledge.

While all courses are available to everyone, FAVA members enjoy membership rates.

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Popular Classes

There are always new workshops and learning opportunities being offered at FAVA. These are our core video and film courses that are regularly available. Check out our current listings to see what’s coming up next!

Intro to Digital Filmmaking

Intro to Digital Filmmaking is our prerequisite to Video Lab, and the perfect course for people who are new to filmmaking and want to learn the fundamentals through lecture-based classes. In this course, participants will learn about the life cycle of a film, from Concept & Development to Pre-Production, to Production, to Post-Production. By the end of this course, students will know everything that goes into making a movie and will have excellent insight into producing. This course includes an optional final project in which students may create a mock production timeline for a film and submit it for individualized feedback.

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Video Lab

This is our intermediate-level course which follows Intro to Digital Filmmaking. Students enter this course with a script (does not have to be a fully polished script) and an idea for a digital film. Participants will learn everything that goes into cinematography, directing, and making a digital short film from start to finish. Topics covered will include: screenwriting, budgeting, scheduling, casting, camera technique, shot lists, storyboards, lighting, sound, and editing. Over the course of the 10 weeks, students will receive hands-on mentorship from industry professionals and will complete the course with a 4-6 minute digital short- at no extra cost to the class!!

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Introduction to Screenwriting

Got a screenplay you’re itching to write?

This is the prerequisite course for Script Lab. In this online introductory course, participants will learn the basics of industry-standard script formatting, how to organically structure a story and pull inspiration, and finally, how to begin writing your first draft.

This course will cover formatting for both short and feature-length films, as well as TV script formatting and the differences between each.

This course will also cover how to plot out a story arch, industry-standard script programs, and helpful writing exercises to start the very first draft of your script.

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Script Lab

Script Lab is our intermediate course which follows Intro to Screenwriting. In this six week screenwriting course, writers are able to bring their scripts in to be read and workshopped with other writers and actors. During your time in Script Lab, you will get plenty of opportunities to stress-test your script’s story and dialogue, and learn to analyze scripts from various perspectives, including that of an actor, director, and audience member. Script Lab is a collaborative course; you and your peers will be helping each other to produce the best possible version of your scripts in an environment that sets everyone up for success.

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Free-For-All Workshops

The FAVA Free For All is an ongoing series of one-off workshops that are FREE for our membership. Workshops are topical and range from beginner to professional levels. They could introduce you to new gear, best practices, aesthetics and techniques, or just about anything.

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“How To” Workshops

How To workshops are monthly workshops open to members and non-members. They vary in topic from specific camera and gear lessons, to artist financials, pre-production, post-production, and more!

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Super 8mm Challenge

Shoot some film! We dare you! Included in this workshop you’ll get: a three-hour workshop on shooting Super 8, one roll of super8 film (one only! It’s a challenge!), a weekend rental of a super8 camera (or use your own if you have one). FAVA pays for shipping to the lab, film development, and transfer of all the films to a digital file.

See your masterpiece for the very first time alongside the other challenge participants at FAVA’s summer BBQ. Crank up your nerve and come have some fun shooting film.

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Access to Artists: One-on-one Mentorship

Having one-on-one training is invaluable when you need first-hand, real-world experience. Our senior members have the knowledge and experience you might need to create, market and promote your works.

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