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Kobzari Kozachok

Project Summary

Shumka and the Ukrainian Bandurist Chorus of North America present a virtual collaboration celebrating Ukrainian music and dance. Featuring footage of artists performing in landmark locations in Canada and the US.

After watching a virtual dance piece by Birmingham Ballet and its orchestra in January of this year, the Shumka Creative Team discussed the possibility of reuniting with a past collaborator – the Ukrainian Bandurist Chorus of North America = to bring a joint work called “Kozachok,” back to life in a un=que and far-reaching way. Utilizing clips of vocalists, bandurysty, and dancers in their “home cities” with interesting landmarks in sight, the concept is to bring the piece together in a unique and moving harmony —- not on a stage, but from miles apart and ultimately online for the world to see.

The project will begin in March of 2021 with rehearsals (over zoom), storyboarding of the final film, planning for filming in various landmark areas of North America (UBC members are from a number of different cities in Canada and the US) and in Edmonton (Shumka and a small group of UBC members are based in the Edmonton area). Choreography would be adapted for cohort sections and physical distancing. Filming would take place outdoors in May, editing in June, with distribution by early July.

The plan is to distribute the piece to a variety of festivals which will likely be forced to present in an online capacity once again this summer. From Ukrainian festivals to heritage festivals, celebrations of music and of dance, we feel this fresh, exciting and emotional content will be openly accepted. The marketing and distribution of the piece will be coordinated by Edmonton-based arts marketing company Bottom Line Productions.

Coming soon…

Shumka Celebrates 130 Years of Ukrainian Immigration to Canada (working title).

Through a series of vignettes and dances, Shumka celebrates the Ukrainian immigrant journey in Alberta. Shot on location at the Ukrainian Cultural Heritage Village, the film will travel across decades examining the hardships and triumphs of the early Ukrainian pioneer experience.

Now in Production

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