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The ToneArt 2021 Summer Series

Project Summary

The ToneArt Collective is presenting a series of multi-disciplinary arts events in Edmonton through late July to mid-August: the ToneArt 2021 Summer Series. The events will be livestreamed from various outdoor and indoor venues across the city, and audiences are also encouraged to stop by in-person to experience the art in-the-flesh and even to participate if they desire.

The series will feature a variety of artists, including musicians, painters, 3D digital artists, dancers, and more. Each event will be flexible and fluid; the various artists are encouraged to collaborate, improvise, and create together – and to get the audience involved. Each event will have a unique theme, from “Francophone Art” to “Young Innovators.” Some will feature painting workshops and traditional Metis fiddle tunes, while others will see three experimental music groups face off in a mega-jam session with burgers served by a local start-up. It may be eclectic, but there should be some art for everyone during the series.

ToneArt was founded in 2021, making this the debut project for the group. The core team is made up of recent graduates of MacEwan’s music program who wanted to get artists of different disciplines and styles making art together, and to make this art as accessible as possible to the public in an art-starved, (nearly?) post-pandemic world. The core team is bolstered by the larger ToneArt Ensemble, consisting of young, improvising musicians that will serve as something of a house band for the ToneArt 2021 Summer Series. ToneArt is also glad to have a strong network of diverse artists, arts organizations, and community partners to contribute and make the series possible.

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