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With the provincial and municipal lifted restrictions in effect as of July 1st, please read below how FAVA members may be impacted and what restrictions are still in place for FAVA and the Orange Hub.

  • The City of Edmonton’s Orange Hub facility will not require tenants and visitors to wear masks in the facility. City of Edmonton staff will still be required to wear their masks at all times. While masks are not required to enter the Orange Hub, FAVA recommends the continued usage of masks within the building.
  • Orange Hub staff and FAVA will no longer require individuals to fill out the COVID screener form.
  • FAVA Production (Studios & Equipment) will continue to require members and visitors to wear masks and practice social distancing when entering the Production offices located in Room 381. Although restrictions have been lifted, FAVA staff members will continue to follow safety practices in our space until further notice. Members and visitors who do not wish to follow FAVA’s COVID policy when entering our space may be denied entrance and service.

FAVA’s New Home Has New Studios

In 2019, FAVA moved from its first home, the historic Ortona Armoury, to its current location, The Orange Hub. Formerly the MacEwan Arts Campus, The Orange Hub was purchased by the City of Edmonton to be turned into an affordable artist space. It is now home to over 20 tenants, including FAVA.

The Orange Hub rents out a 350-seat theatre, black box, board rooms, dance halls, and much more. It also offers parking, accessibility entrances, security, and collection points for artists.

You don’t have to be a member. Everyone is welcome at FAVA! For prices, non-members will be charged the standard rates. Members receive artist rates for our Studios.

Conveniently located near local restaurants, nearby bus stations, and a future LRT line, The Orange Hub is a great place for all artists in our community.

10045-156 St NW
Edmonton, AB

Rentals & Studios Office is in Room 381B. The quickest access is by entering from the North Parkade entrance (access from the alley) and taking a left. The West Entrance on 156 St in the turnaround is the default pickup location for taxis or Ubers.

Studio Rental Office Hours & General Information

*All Hours are subject to change due to COVID-19 Restrictions.

Facilities Office

Monday-Thursday: 10:00am – 6:00pm
(Closed from 1:30 pm – 2:30 pm, Fridays, weekends and holidays).
FAVA Staff are not available or on-call on weekends and holidays

Rentable Hours

Monday-Friday 7 am-10 pm
Saturday, Sunday & Holidays 9 am-10 pm

Orange Hub Building Hours

Monday-Friday 7 am-7 pm
Saturday, Sunday & Holidays 9 am-4 pm


Security is required on site. After-hours access can be coordinated if given a 1 week notice. After hours technical support is not available at this time.

Free Street Parking

Theatre Entrance at 155 Street (Please note this entrance does not offer accessibility access)


156 Street and 100 Avenue
Monday-Friday (Day) $1/hr, $5/Max
Weeknights (Evenings 5pm) $2/Max
Weekends $1/hr, $2/Max

Studio Rental Information

COVID-19 Restrictions are in place. Please review this document before booking a studio.

Call or email us for availability and bookings:

If you need to contact the City of Edmonton for requests or information about The Orange Hub:

Studio Brochure
COVID-19 Restrictions

Studio A

Room 381: The Mezzo Sound Stage

FAVA’s largest studio is conveniently situated near the Depot (our rentals area) and loading dock. Creating ease for moving big sets and props into the building for big productions. Exterior doors mean easy access at any time of day.

Flats are readily available to build your set while still offering enough room to work comfortably. Overhead lights provide the light you need for setup and teardown.

This acoustically treated space provides the power your production demands with 240v outlets (15a & 20a), and eleven 120v duplex outlets.

Studio A is currently going through upgrades which include a new paint job, adding black curtains, and developed office space (desks, kitchenette), but is still available for rent.


  • Member $23 per hour
  • Standard $60 per hour
  • 1 day: 5 hours
  • 1 week: 3.5 days (17.5 hours)
  • Monthly: 2.5 weeks (43.75 hours)

Dimensions: 51’11” x 65’6” (2,958 sq. ft.), height = 22’ (floor to trusses)

Studio B

Room 136

This wide studio is split into half and made for both video and photography purposes. The first half is black while the other is green with an overhead grid. This space also includes a production office, a green room, and additional storage space for equipment.

Room includes:

  • 2 Tables
  • 12 Chairs
  • Whiteboard on wheels


  • Member: $23 per hour
  • Standard: $60 per hour
  • 1 Day: 5 hours
  • 1 Week: 3.5 Days (17.5 hours)
  • Monthly: 2.5 Weeks (43.75)

Dimensions: 60’ x 30’ (2,195 sq. ft.), height = 22’

Studios C & D

Room 194, 195

Studio C & D are mirrored versions of each other. Both are equipped with a white cyclorama at the front and a small green space at the back, which includes a beauty mirror. They are perfect spaces for photographers looking to do portrait sessions. The rooms can also host classes, meetings, and more.

Studio D can also serve as a small sound stage as it has a quieter ambiance than its sister studio. Individuals can use this space for more audio sensitive projects such as installations and studio shooting.

Room includes:

  • 2 Tables
  • 12 Chairs
  • 2 Interview chairs


  • Member: $10 per hour
  • Standard: $25 per hour
  • 1 Day: 5 hours
  • 1 Week: 3.5 Days (17.5 hours)
  • Monthly: 2.5 Weeks (43.75 hours)

Dimensions: 30’2.5” x 18’8” / Extended Corner: 11’6” x 9’1” (802 sq.ft.), Height: 22’


Suite Room 101

The suite comes with a 14-core iMac pro, colour correct Flanders monitor, vectorscopes, stereo monitoring, and 4K TV.

This space is currently being serviced. Future features will include a raised theatre seating, 4k projection, and full surround sound for previewing and mastering.


  • Member: $12 per hour
  • Standard: $30 per hour
  • 1 Day: 5 hours
  • 1 Week: 3.5 Days (17.5 hours)
  • Monthly: 2.5 Weeks (43.75 hours)

*This space is rentable while it is being serviced.

2,000 sq. ft.

Audio Recording

Suite Room 133

Consisting of two rooms, A and B, the rooms can be rented separately or combined. Each room is sound treated and dampened, which is great for audio recording musicians and voice-overs for a film. Room 133A is equipped with speakers and a mixing console. Room 133B is great for installations, podcasting, band rehearsal, and recording. It is also good for multimedia artists who are looking for a space to build and design their images or sounds.

Features will include equipment for voice recording, podcasting, analog and digital video equipment for multimedia artists.


  • Member: $12 per hour
  • Standard: $30 per hour
  • 1 Day: 5 hours
  • 1 Week: 3.5 Days (17.5 hours)
  • Monthly: 2.5 Weeks (43.75 hours)

Dark Room

Room 107

This is a one of a kind darkroom in Edmonton that has the ability to process film. The studio has a large ventilation system, sink temperature control, wide sinks, a Steenbeck, optical printer, and a light trap. It is also equipped with the equipment necessary to process film from 35mm stills to 8×10,   Super 8 to 16mm film.

This space is currently being serviced. A light trap door is being installed to offer both dark and lit areas to work at the same time.

Room includes:

All the assorted tools for you to develop your film (Note: Chemicals and film are not provided) including trays, buckets, Patterson tanks, thermometers, enlarger, and an optical printer.

Hourly Rates:

  • Member: $4 per hour
  • Standard: $12 per hour
  • 1 Day: 5 hours
  • 1 Week: 3.5 Days (17.5 hours)
  • Monthly: 2.5 Weeks (43.75 hours)

*This space is rentable while it is being serviced.

394 sq. ft.

Common Room

Room 149

The common room is a flex space that can serve many purposes.

The kitchenette is great for eating lunch, or serving lunch for your crew. The tables are great for mmeting and sharing ideas. The projector screen is great for instructional use or presentations.

This is a shared space available for use by members, staff, and anyone renting a studio. The space is also available for rent for exclusive use.

Room includes:

  • Tables
  • Chairs
  • Microwave
  • Printer

Hourly Rates

  • Member: $12 per hour
  • 1 Day: 5 hours
  • 1 Week: 3.5 Days (17.5 hours)
  • Monthly: 2.5 Weeks (43.75 hours)

*This space is available for rent while it’s being serviced.