Studio 19

Streaming & Recording of Live Performances

What is Studio 19?

Studio 19 is not a place. It is a service that provides the ability to capture live performances and record them/stream them for internet-based audiences using FAVA’s custom-built exhibition platform,  A four-camera, live switching process, Studio 19 can capture and share live performances in any location (streaming available only with appropriate broadband). Studio 19 is also the delivery of online festivals using our platform (powered by AMS).

Why Studio 19?

Covid-19 has prevented performing arts from delivering works to audiences. Studio 19 provides an online solution for disseminating, exhibition, and capturing live performing arts and delivering on-demand visual media for festivals.

How can I watch Studio 19 shows?

Visit to find out who and when will be performing.

UP NEXT: To be announced

Studio 19 Partners

Studio 19 exists because of support from funders like Canada Council for the Arts, The City of Edmonton and EPCOR. Our current roster of performing arts partners includes:

Alberta Music
Ballet Edmonton
Edmonton Folk Music Festival
Edmonton Opera
Gateway Chorus
India Film Festival of Alberta

La Cite Francophone
Mosquers Festival
Rapid Fire Theatre
Shumka Ukrainian Dancers

Want to be a part of Studio 19

We are always looking to support the needs of Alberta-based performing arts organizations. To learn more, you can reach us at