Equipment Rentals

Artist Rates for Film and Video Equipment

Rental Office Hours and Location

Production Equipment Rentals and Studios offices are in Room 381B in the North most section of the building (quickly accessible from the North Parkade). Click here to view map.

  • Monday to Friday 10:00am – 6:00pm (closed for lunch 1:30-2:30pm)
  • FAVA Staff are not available or on call on weekends and holidays unless arrangements have been made
  • Contact Information:

Rental Requirements

FAVA provides affordable access to film and video equipment and studios to every FAVA member in good standing with artistic control of their project. Commercial rates apply to non-members and commercial projects.

Membership Rental Criteria:

  • FAVA’s equipment is available to members in good standing, provided they show competency and safe use the equipment. Mistreated or damaged equipment can result in considerable expenses for the organization and suspension of rental privileges.
  • To avoid situations of misuse with especially sensitive or expensive gear, members must display proficient and safe use to the Rentals staff before renting the gear. If there is not a class or a workshop covering what you are interested in learning, we can set up one-on-one training through our Access-To-Artists program.
  • To be eligible for FAVA member rates, members must have full creative control over their work. Member rates are available to those who are making work in support of our mandate.

Rental Policies & Procedures

  • To book equipment, you may contact the rentals staff by phone at (780)424-4368 or by email at [email protected]. It is recommended to book ahead to avoid disappointment of items being unavailable.
  • FAVA requires the project name of every rental. We also require a ProRes 422 file of completed projects for archival purposes and grant reporting.
  • You are responsible for the condition of the equipment on the shoot and upon its return.
  • Renters are responsible for verifying the accuracy of the packing list upon pick-up (all items on the list are prepared, including accessories).
  • You are responsible for providing disposables such as batteries, tape, adaptors, etc. We do carry an inventory of goods available for purchase.
  • Equipment returns are due back before 1:00pm, with rental pick-ups between 3:00pm and 6:00pm. If rentals need to be picked up earlier, or are late for return, this must be organized with our staff as late returns without notice may be subject to additional charges. As staff is only available during our office hours, we do not accept rental returns/ pick-ups outside of these hours.
  • Equipment is to be returned in as good or better shape than it was sent out. Lenses should be clean, cables clean and neatly coiled, etc.
  • All rentals are subject to a maximum 5% insurance charge based on membership type (5% Associate Members – 3% General Members – 1% Producer Members)

Rental Insurance

FAVA provides insurance for FAVA’s rental equipment. To help cover a portion of the costs we charge a small fee based on the rental amount. Comprehensive & General Liability insurance may be available upon request for a fee of $60.

Insurance Details

  • Insurance becomes void if equipment is left unsupervised, used in an unsafe manner or in conflict with the laws of Alberta.
  • Insurance becomes void if equipment is used in a moving vehicle (land, water, air) or from a height of 15m or greater.
  • If a claim is needed, the deductible is $2500 to be paid by the renting member.
  • More detailed information is available upon request.

Equipment Insurance Fees

FAVA insures all of our equipment, and we charge a small premium which helps us be able to help our members working on independent art. Note: We are not able to insure commercial rentals, and will require the individual to provide a certificate of insurance.

Associate Members – 5% of the rental amount.
General Members – 3% of the rental amount.
Producer Members – 1% of the rental amount.
Lifetime Members – 0% of the rental amount.

General & Liability Insurance

A major benefit of being a FAVA member is having access to our general & liability insurance.  Here’s how it works:

  1. You have your shoot dates and location scouted and now you need the paperwork to gain access to the location. At least 2 – 3 weeks in advance, go to FAVA’s website and download the insurance application form at the bottom of this page
  2. Fill out the insurance application form
  3. Email the application form along with a separate budget and a separate film synopsis to [email protected]
  4. Call 780-424-4368 to confirm receipt of the insurance application form
  5. FAVA will review your application package to be sure we can move forward with supporting it.  Once approved, we’ll pass it along to our insurance contact to let them know that you and your project are eligible.  We will then send you an email asking you to connect with them directly to finalize the insurance.

If you are unable to send in your application form 2 – 3 weeks in advance, give us a call at the office and we’ll do our best to help make it happen.

Download Insurance Application

Equipment Inventory

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