FAVA’s heritage video collection

Preserving FAVA


A number of years ago, FAVA’s Board of Directors felt it was imperative that we create the ability and the will to preserve and safeguard our member heritage video collection. FAVA has member work from the first days of its existence, and it was in peril; tape gets old, and it loses its mind. With the advent of FAVATV and AMS (Arts Management System), we had both a place to store and exhibit, so FAVA set out to develop sound archival methodology and practices. We began the long process of digitizing, cataloging and creating an inventory of our priceless collection.

So far, we have preserved over 1400 works, but there are still many to do.

As a result of our efforts, we have connected with former members and other organizations who heard what FAVA was doing and reached out. They faced the same predicament; their video heritage was rotting. FAVA has created exciting partnerships and funding opportunities with the Edmonton Heritage Council, The Alberta Historical Resource Foundation {sadly gone now} and TELUS.

In 2019, with our friends at AMASS, FAVA began the process of preserving Prairie Tales, the long-running program of Alberta works. In 2020 in partnership with TELUS, we selected 100 Prairie Tales works to play on TELUS’s channel and FAVATV.

Presently, FAVA hopes to engage with all past and current members and encourage them to be a part of this ongoing archival process. In the end, all works will be cataloged in AMS. Members can preserve their work and ultimately screen it on FAVATV, exposing it to a new and growing audience.

FAVA has been accessible to all to tell their stories and create their art. Our goal is to make sure their stories and art are safeguarded and seen.

Contact Us

If you would like to learn more, or if you have some work to be archived, please email Dave: [email protected].