The course has gone above and beyond what I expected in many way, and I’m extremely thankful to have had the opportunity to learn from the two of you [Instructor’s Holly and Myles]. I was really hoping for this class to get to know my fellow students so we might be able to form more meaningful and long-lasting connections, but I completely acknowledge that it’s a side effect of the times, and not the direction of the class. You two have done very well, especially for what you’ve had to work through. Thank you very much.

Video Kitchen Student

You guys [Instructor’s Holly and Myles] have done an amazing job with this course! Especially with it being online during a pandemic. I love the Google classroom set up and that each class is recorded to watch again later or to catch up if I couldn’t make it online that morning. The in-person classes were great and felt very safe. I think you’ve covered so many important parts of film that I hadn’t even thought of learning before. I’ve never made a film but have always been interested in filmmaking, so this was the perfect place for me to start. Thanks for putting so much thought and effort into every part of this course!

Video Kitchen Student

[The instructors Holly and Myles] passion for the subject is clear and along with your experience its very inspiring as we newcomers get our feet wet in this industry. Thank you very much for continuing to empower us with the tools and skills to make our own masterpieces.

Video Kitchen Student

Ever since I became a FAVA Member I have recommended FAVA as a wonderful community and resource for filmmakers in any career stage or film enthusiasts simply looking to gain greater appreciation of the technical aspects of filmmaking. FAVA has been a great place to expand my network of collaborators; I have met many filmmakers through FAVA with whom I have collaborated on my own projects

Nauzanin A. Knight

FAVA is a super valuable resource for an independent filmmaker. They provide everything you need for filmmakers of any experience: education, access to the tools of the trade, space to shoot stuff in, occasionally access to work, and they welcome you into the community so that you can meet all the people you need to make your crew. My only regret is not getting involved with FAVA earlier in my life!

Mike Robertson

My Membership in FAVA brought me into an amazing creative community of strongly independent filmmaker who have support my development as a filmmaker every step of the way. Through the Membership I have learned the art of collaboration and how learning on the creative sensibility, knowledge, and expertise of a talented team can elevate the quality of a project beyond everyone’s expectations. I am deeply appreciative of all that FAVA has done to support my work over the years.

Beth Wishart MacKenzie

Over the years, FAVA has provided inspiring workshops, material resources, and a community of committed filmmakers who are both talented and generous in shaing their time and experience. FAVA is a dynamic creative community, and an essential presence in the local arts scene.

Adolfo Ruiz

Joining FAVA was a big help in my journey to become a filmmaker. I was introduced to the world of film through the youth filmmaking course that was offered at the time, and I became hooked on the creative and collaborative process. I would highly recommend that anyone interested in becoming a filmmaker check out FAVA and their educational programs. It’s a fantastic resource to get your feet wet and connect with the energetic and passionate filmmakers in Edmonton community

Holly Mazur

FAVA is a great place to meet like minded artists, and also the culture of encouraging experimentation in video and film is very valuable and certainly helped myself push and try different things on various projects.

Lindsay Robinson