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According to acclaimed filmmaker Neil LaBute, “everyone has a story”.  For over thirty years, The Film and Video Arts Society of Alberta has helped nurture and develop the unique voices of emerging and established media artists telling Albertan stories.  How will our stories be different one hundred years from now?  Where will they overlap?  By partnering with the Edmonton Community Foundation to create a legacy production fund, we will be able to secure the support and resources that Northern Alberta’s future filmmakers require to continue to bring our stories to life and present high quality work on both national and international scales.  Your contribution to FAVA’s endowment fund means that you become a part of a new story full of endless possibility, growth and inspiration. By supporting our endowment fund you join a rare blend of individuals who believe in the power and inspiration that moving images can evoke and who also understand the vital role our organization plays as a valuable resource for professional independent artists, as well as a training ground for tomorrow’s filmmakers.

The moment I entered the doors of FAVA, I felt safe to explore, enticed to learn, equipped with high-end gear and supported by fellow filmmakers.

~ Eva Colmers (award-winning film, new media and theatre artist.)

Edmonton Community Foundation

FAVA Endowment Fund

Let's reach $100 000

The Society established an endowment fund in 2012 and has contributed to it in 2013, 2014, and 2015. The fund is administered by the Edmonton Community Foundation. The purpose of the fund is to create an investment resource that will help sponsor artist training, production and distribution far into Alberta’s future.

Endowment Fund (Goal $100 000)


Increase in Donations (2012-2013)


Be a Donor

All funds donated to the Fund are entrusted to the Edmonton Community Foundation for investment.  FAVA receives an annual income of 3.5% per year forever.

How can I become a a supporter?

1) Throughout the year
Make your cheque payable to the Film and Video Arts Society of Alberta, memo: Endowment Fund and either drop it by in person or mail it to  9722 102 St, Edmonton, AB T5K 0X4, or donate directly through theEdmonton Community Foundation, memo: Film and Video Arts Society – Alberta at 9910-103 St NW, Edmonton, AB T5K 2V7.

2) Online through CanadaHelps
You can make a one-time or repeating donation online through CanadaHelps.  Simply choose the Endowment Fund under the “Fund/Designation” entry and follow up with any specific instructions in the message box below it.

Click Here for FAVA’s CanadaHelps Page

3) FAVA Events and Screenings
We’ll always have donation forms available at our screenings and events.  You are welcome to ask our staff to help you make your donation – cheque payable to the Film and Video Arts Society – Alberta, memo: Endowment Fund or to the Edmonton Community Foundation, memo: Film and Video Arts Society – Alberta.

However you choose to donate you will receive a charitable tax receipt, as FAVA is a registered charity.


You can name the Film and Video Arts Society – Alberta as a beneficiary in your will or life insurance.  If you decide on this approach, we would appreciate you letting us know about your commitment so we can say “thanks” and invite you to acknowledgement events.

FAVA has made available to its membership film and video making equipment and facilities at rates enabling them to do MORE for less.  FAVA members have shot on all continents and watched their films, documentaries and art screened on television, in galleries, in cinemas, at festivals and on the internet locally and around the world.

Recognizing that film and video are powerful communicative and creative tools, FAVA also works hard to make sure that others can benefit from their use.  The co-op regularly collaborates with and supports a wide variety of other community service organizations, festivals and industry groups.  It partners with the National Film Board and local media, as well as dance, visual art, theatre and other arts organizations.  As an educational resource, FAVA offers a host of classes and workshops, a library, an extensive media archive, and weekly bulletins.  FAVA also works with at-risk-youth, holds two youth camps annually and partners with schools, colleges and universities.  As a donor to the “FAVA Production Endowmnet Fund” you play a part in their journey to discover their potential by assuring there will be funding for these programs.

FAVA Annual Reports

Annual Report 2016

Annual Report 2015


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