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FAVA Filmmaker Series
A Roll For Peter

WEDNESDAY, May 17 | 8pm
Free and NOT TO BE MISSED! All films screen on 16mm
FAVA Exhibition Suite, 2nd Floor (9722 102 St)

FAVA, in collaboration with Theatre of the New Heart is pleased to present “A Roll For Peter”, the touring program of films made in tribute to the late great filmmaker Peter Hutton.

Hutton, an American artist and educator, developed a unique perspective on both urban and remote landscapes through his images from the early 1970’s until his death in 2016. His obituary in the New York Times described his work thus:

All of his films were silent. Generally devoid of camera movement and montage, they suggest sketchbooks or photographic albums. Many are reveries in which the only animation in a precisely balanced composition might come from a wayward breeze or a slight shift in illumination. Most of his films were voluptuously monochromatic.

In the fall of 2016, filmmakers Mark Street and Jennifer Reeves, themselves former students of Hutton, put out a call for films to honour Hutton, each to be drawn from a single silent 100-foot roll of 16mm film. The call resulted in 35 films that screened in New York City and at Bard College in late 2016 on 16mm, and there the program was set to end. However, when Eric Thiessen, a contributor to the projct, began talking to others in the community, he found tremendous appetite for a tour of the films across North America. To date, the tour has amassed eighteen stops and counting. All films screen on 16mm and the show involves some dual projection.

Also accompanying the “A Roll For Peter” program will be Peter Hutton’s trilogy of films: New York Portrait Chapters I, II, and III (1979 – 1990). Filmmakers in the touring program include:

Dominic Angerame                        Theodore Rex King                         Jordan Stone
Roddy Bogawa                                Robbie Land                                     Mark Street
Cassandra Bull                                rebecca (marks) leopold                G. Anthony Svatek & Zachary Nichols
Jacob Burckhardt                           Paul Marcus                                     Zachary Nichols
Jesse Cain                                         Daryl Meador                                  Eric Theise
David Gatten                                    Mary Beth Reed                              Audrey Turner
Richard Max Gavrich                     Jennifer Reeves                               Michael Wawzenek
George Griffin                                  Dave Rodriguez                              Max Weinman & Jake Carl
Eve Heller                                         Peter Rose                                        Magee
Mott Hupfel                                      Lynne Sachs                                    Timoleon Wilkins
Nikolas Jaeger                                 Josephine Shokrian
Amanda Katz & Josh Lewis          Fern Silva & students

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