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AMAAS Conference


Thursday June 11 – June 14, 2015

AMAAS views the Conference and Symposium as one of the most important roles of our umbrella organization. We offer media artists and media arts organizations the platform to learn, network, collaborate and build a strong media arts community in our province.
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  • screening of Prairie Tales 17
  • professional development opportunities
  • AMAAS membership renewal and AGM
  • networking with media artists from across the province
  • workshops at the new Badlands Community Facility
  • tours of the badlands, dinner at the Last Chance Saloon
  • Spirit of Helen Award presentation, dinner and music
  • live music, live media art, outdoor screenings

Conference Registration

$150 per person Early Bird until May 1
$200 per person May 1 – June 1

OR:  $85/per day ($50/per day if you find your own accommodation)

  • Thursday June 11 evening Prairie Tales Screening & Reception
  • Friday June 12 Badlands tour and Wayne Hotel dinner/music/screening
  • Saturday June 13 Conference content/workshops
  • Sunday June 14 Conference content/AGM/Wrapup

IMAA Conference


Tidal Shift: Mapping the Change in Media Arts

Change best describes this period in which media artists and organizations are operating. By necessity, the media arts sector is adapting to a fluctuating environment while holding strong to its core values.  Political ideologies are shifting, influenced by a precarious economic situation that in turn affects arts policy and arts funding. At the same time, new models of organizations, collectives, and initiatives are emerging. The Tidal Force summit will empower media artists and cultural workers so that they may continue to be influential leaders in the shaping of Canada’s arts and cultural scene.

Tidal Force is produced in partnership with the Independent Media Arts Alliance of Canada (IMAA), the Halifax Independent Filmmakers Festival (HIFF), the Centre for Art Tapes (CFAT), the Atlantic Filmmakers Cooperative (AFCOOP), and the National Indigenous Media Arts Coalition (NIMAC). The summit will focus on the artistic, political, and social elements that are representative of current media arts practice inclusive of film, video, audio and new media. It will consist of artistic programming, panels, and workshops, and will be the launching pad for the first National Media Arts Prize, a biennial award to be presented during a media arts gala during the conference.

Click here for information about partnering with and supporting the Tidal Force summit, or view the Tidal Force 2014 Program Guide & Website Advertising Rate Page for information on advertising in the summit’s program guide/website during the summit.

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Events Calendar

The Events Calendar is a combination of all upcoming FAVA and community events. For other calendars select from the following:

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FAVA FEST is FAVA’s annual celebration of film, video and media art created by our membership. It includes screenings of local and international work, artist talks, and cash awards for the year’s best.


Gotta Minute Film Festival

A celebration of Public Art, on Public Transit, in Public Space, proudly brought to you by PATTISON Onestop and FAVA!

logo-graphic-3Screenings and Parties



Each of FAVA’s annual classes ends in a special premiere screening of the finished student works. Most of our classes have screenings at Metro Cinema. Beyond class screenings, FAVA also hosts screenings for artists, partners and other organizations.


Summer Party

Come and relish the rare opportunity to connect with other members of the filmmaking community while enjoying a tasty burger and good music. We’ll be unveiling the results of our Super 8 Challenge!


Check out some of the annual conferences that FAVA Staff and Board can participate in, including information from AMAAS and IMAA.


FAVA Bucks

Twenty FAVA Bucks are awarded for each volunteer hour worked. These Bucks can then be used to offset up to half of a member’s production invoices. FAVA Bucks will not be accepted for workshops, membership dues, film or tape purchase, or special events. Our system rewards those who contribute their energy and time to the organization, and gives opportunities to become immediately involved in the operations and projects of the co-operative.


All members are required to volunteer 12 hours per year. Members will be notified of many specific volunteer opportunities. Out of town members are encouraged to be creative with their voluntary contributions – the writing of articles, the scouting of potential gear acquisitions, etc.

Volunteer Opportunities

FAVA will endeavor to post all the upcoming Volunteer Opportunities right here on the website, as well as our e-bulletin.  If you are interested in volunteering, contact the office at 780-429-1671 or email membership at fava dot ca.  If you have an idea for a volunteer opportunity, let us know as well.

– We are always in need of admin support.  Please contact us at least a week in advance with your availability and we’ll arrange a time.

FAVA Supports Equity

FAVA is firmly committed to ensuring full access to the organization and its resources to all people, regardless of gender, race, sexual orientation, religion, age or ability.

Member in Good Standing

To remain in good standing at the co-op, members must fulfill the mandatory 12 hours of volunteer service per year, maintain a clean account and strive to serve the co-op to the best of their ability.



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The To Do List

FAVA hosts a variety of events each year including: The FAVA Summer Party, Gotta Minute Film Festival, FAVA Holiday Party, FAVA FEST, Screenings.


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